Monday, February 13, 2012

week 16

WEEK 16:

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe was about 4"-5" inches long this week, about the size of an avacado or mascara.  her skin is still see-through and wrinkly & baby's heart is working hard - it is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day. she also has all the eggs she'll ever have in her ovaries right now - crazy! and her hair pattern on her scalp is forming - her hair is something i think about.  we have lots of different hair types between mine and ben's family and i'm real curious about what kind of locks she'll have.  one thing is pretty certain.  they'll likely be dark!  baby can probably hear our voices.  this makes me happy & so i talk to the baby quite a bit now when i'm alone.  i imagine it kind of sounds like talking underwater in a swimming pool.

gender: IT'S A GIRL! we wrote about her here.  we are unbelievably excited for her little self.  no matter what we would have been thrilled but it is just such a dream to know who's in there.  the next question is always "does she have a name?" and sadly the answer is no :(  we still haven't decided and even though i desperately want to call her something, i don't want to rush into it.  she's stuck with it for life and i want it to be her name.

movement: i think i've felt some little flutters and pokes, mainly when i'm lying still.  they're small and inconsistent so i always wonder if it's just my body grumbling or if it's real.  i think i'm convinced it's her these days [and not just body rumbles].  i'm so excited for when i can be certain and for the day when benny can feel her move around too [that should be in the next 1-3 weeks].  it was fun to see her moving during the ultrasound, although her movements mainly thwarted our gender shots.  her little folded legs and arms were so precious.

momma developments: still cannot complain!  we are so blessed with how this pregnancy has gone, so far it is actually unbelievable.  my little minor 'symptoms':  the nosebleeds continue.  really hoping they end, it's hard to get ready or get anything done with just one hand.  all the one armed people say, amen.  i've had a few belly cramps, i'm thinking my uterus is probably just growing and stretching.  i have had a few headaches now, still no migraines [woohoo!]  and i have breakouts on my back - ew.

total weight gain: 5.5-6.5 pounds

maternity clothes: my sweet friend lu brought me some pants that she bought in between her regular pants and full blown maternity pants.  today i'm wearing those and feeling good.  no rubberbands here!  i hope to go shopping this week and pick up one or two pairs of jeans with the big stretchy tops that will hopefully last me through the end.  although my belly isn't real big right now i think i would still love to be that comfy.  wearing sweatpants is kind of my dream now and i'm thinking stretchy-topped real pants might be a good alternative to wearing sweats to work.

cravings: i've wanted to eat cocktail sauce but haven't.  it isn't one of those things that i have lying around and buying a whole tray of cocktail shrimp and sauce for myself seems a little extreme.

anything hard?
this past week was really fun but really busy.  i have some anxiety about what life post-baby will be like and how we'll juggle it all.  this past week we were learning about God's peace though and how having your hope set on eternity really puts things in perspective.  i have nothing to worry or fear because the Lord's promises are true - he is with me and fights for me.  regardless of my circumstances, my God is faithful.

never forget:  this week we found out you were a little lady!  just seeing you in general is gift enough but to know who is in there - just crazy.  knowing that you're going to grow into a little girl makes me so excited. i love all things girly but should you turn out to be a tom-boy i promise to learn to throw ball [or catch bugs or whatever you love].  i hope that we encourage your little personality and get to speak truth to you daily.  i want you to be confident, with a security that comes from the Lord.  i pray that even from a young age that you'd know how the Lord cares for you & sees you & that you'd see yourself and others through those eyes.  we pray that you'd love people deeply, be authentic & genuine.

ps i kind of hope you love dresses.
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  1. i love this. i got a little teary-eyed, won't lie:) you all are going to be great parents:)

  2. micah bought himself a tray of cocktail shrimp one time...

  3. I can't wait to start buying little girly things. For the last year, I have only been able to shop in half of the infant department, now I will have two sweet babies to buy for, my sweet grandson Cormac and now my sweet granddaughter.
    I am so excited for you and Ben.


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