Wednesday, February 8, 2012


today...i woke up when i should be getting in my car for the office.

today i thought my makeup was in the car where i put it on at my one stop-light each day.  it wasn't.  my face looks like...well, my face - but lets just say, it ain't pretty.  a bit of mascara certainly wouldn't hurt the situation.

today i rubberbanded my pants shut.  at work.  one word - sad.  the constricting waistband while sitting just wasn't going to happen today.  maternity pants, this song's for you.

at around noon i realized that my underwear were on inside out.

happy tuesday everyone.

you know what monica would's just one of dem days

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  1. I enjoy reading your posts. I remember the rubberband around the button. One of my FAVORITE pregnancy items was the belly band-sold at maternity stores in a few colors. FABULOUS!! AND they help after the baby too. And so much more comfy than having a rubberband and button mark on your belly:) Sorry, I just had to say something after seeing a few of your posts. Best thing is you will get more wear out of your pre preggo pants. yay!!

  2. I will never understand the underwear thing...never. Love you & hope your day gets better.


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