Tuesday, January 31, 2012

week 14

this gorgeous place is partially responsible for my absence.  i was here.  picture stolen from a friend, steph dorsey.  it was gorgeous and warm and just so nice to feel the sun.  i was a horrible photographer [as usual] so the only photos i got were from the plane. go figure.  i'll come back to that soon though.  it was incredibly fun but i do feel like i've been learning things too.  very sweet & encouraging time with the Lord.  i want to remember that.

now on to the littlest brzinski...
what's cooking? [new baby things]: babeinski can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his thumb.  babe is getting covered in thin tiny hair to keep it warm until it fattens up.  i also think that its little skeletal system is working in there.  babe is 3.5" - 4" long & is about the size of a lemon, clinched fist or flip phone [closed, unless you have a zoolander phone].

gender: only 9 days until we find out.  i could ralph i'm so excited!  a lot of people have asked if we'll keep the gender or name a secret until the baby comes.  we're thinking no for both.  i think our 3 month secret and the surprise of the baby being out in the world will be good enough for me!

movement: all the sites say that itty bitty is swimming all over the place and is much more graceful than its former 'jerky' self.

momma developments: feeling fantastic.  still a little bit tired.  i've been taking naps when i can [as all the literature suggests, and who rebel against that?].  still have nosebleeds but that's about all.

total weight gain: 3.5-5 pounds [depending on when you weigh me]

maternity clothes: still not yet. but i sometimes have to adjust my pants around my belly when i'm sitting. i looked at maternity clothes at target last week [normally inexpensive & cute] but was sorely disappointed.  i hope i just went on a bad day.

cravings: still no "got have a _____ or else!" moments.  i get hungry more often so i've been trying to keep snacks handy.

anything hard?
understanding how insurance works.  i don't know if i'm dumb or if its just really complicated.  we're looking forward to having it all straightened out & being able to really anticipate the total costs and how to plan / budget. 

ben & i have both been really busy and that's rough.  we have lots of-out-town trips coming up & plans all over the calendar.  i'm hoping to find a good balance between work, ministry, friends, family, school, planning, learning, resting & playing - and find it soon.

feeling really out of control when it comes to the babe and its development.  it's just a really strange feeling that it is impossible to check up on how they are doing in there.  i have to wait weeks in between doctor's appointments and months in between ultrasounds so basically its all a mystery from there.  i hadn't ever thought about that before being pregnant.  if the babe was out of the womb i'd never go 5 weeks without know it's ok, so its just kind of bizarre that that's the reality for now.

never forget: this week i got to hear the baby's heartbeat again.  i thought that the nurse was just picking up mine and got scared that she couldn't find the baby's.  then after i counted my own pulse, which was about 70 beats/min, i concluded the educated professional did actually know what she was doing when she said that the 179 beats/min weren't mine.

i got to see all kinds of friends at the yl all staff conference [photo above] for the first time since we've been pregnant.  friends from all over the country that we rarely see but truly love.  that was a blessing & so fun to celebrate with them.

baby info sources:
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  1. Yay for growing baby! Can't wait to find out girl or boy!

    Also SUPER jealous that you went to the ASC!?!?!

  2. Try and relax and enjoy this time. Have faith that everything is going well with the baby until your body or the professionals tell you otherwise. You are young and healthy, Ben is young and healthy. You have made it passed the 1st trimester. Relax. So glad you are feeling well. Love you.


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