Tuesday, February 7, 2012

happy birthday, you handsome stud

my sweet husband.   happy birthday!  you are so old.  i am blessed daily to have you as mine & i am so so so thankful for you.  you genuinely have been one of the greatest gifts i've ever recieved. i truly cannot imagine living life with anyone else.  thank you for caring for me, encouraging me, learning with me, teaching me, ministering the gospel & working so hard.  thank you for being in it for always.  i hope to never take you for granted!  i'm so excited for this next chapter together - you're going to be such an awesome papa.  babe loves you already! [ps babe says "happy birthday old man!" & is wearing a tiny party hat]

i hope you have the best birthday of all time!  i can't wait to celebrate with you tonight as we cheer on the cats [thank you brzinski's] & eat cupcakes.

love you dearly! 


  1. Happy birthday Benny! Woot woot!

  2. Happy, happy birthday Uncle Ben! You and Auntie Jen are a match made in heaven! Glad you were born...can't wait 'til I'm big enough to eat your rice. :) Love, Baby Cormac


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