Tuesday, January 3, 2012

meeting evie

so one of my best friends in the world just had the most precious little bundle of joy.  she is perfect and tiny and has the softest little cheeks.  thank goodness i was off work on friday so i was able to get up there asap.  i couldn't hardly stand the wait.
ben told me i looked like i was on drugs here.  i had to include it.  i wasn't on drugs with babies - i promise.  i just have bad timing i'm thinking.  and maybe frizzy hair...whatever.  look at the baby!
::snuggle monster::
and this is the first of many girlie outfits i plan on purchasing for my little 'niece'.  um tiny laced leggings, fabric flowers & stripes...oh please!
congratulations friends!  we could not be MORE happy for you all.  you are excellent parents and we will be praying for God's guidance & continued work in & through your family.  we're so blessed by you!


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