Thursday, January 19, 2012

ridiculousness & daily shenanigans with jenna(s)

i had plans.  we had plans.  jenna and i were going to have a lunch date and then get a little bump picture to document week 13.  i was going to save it until sunday [my decided 'update day'] but after having one of the most awesomely awkward days of my life i decided that it just needed to happen right now.  i'll get a little less gas-station-y pic this weekend.

so how did our plans unravel to the desperate point of taking bump pictures in a marathon in front of some brewskis you ask?  we picked jalapenos.  a little mexican restaurant that is essentially a cave for our dining destination.  not a joke, it looks like the middle of the night inside - mistake #1.  the food, queso & conversation were all perfect but the lighting?  non-existent.  we finish our meal with 20 minutes to spare, on accident.  what luck!  mistake #2 we keep talking instead of getting up and going to a photo-worthy location.  we walk outside and think about just getting a shot outside the building's bright blue walls.  it is freezing!  mistake #3, underestimating 20 degree weather with short-sleeves.  the coat cannot come off.  the bump is in hiding.  so where do we go with our 2 minutes to spare?  the gas station next door of course.  not at all bizarre and weird to take pictures of yourself in the middle of candy aisles accentuating your bulging, not strange at all.
other awkward happenings of the day:

:: getting to the mexican restaurant before they can even unlock the doors.  how sad to be waiting outside for food.  c'mon that doesn't do anything for a girl's self-esteem.

:: i poured out two different cans of coke in my car today.   on accident, duh.  who would do that intentionally?  drink 1 i was actively drinking.  holding it while getting into my car after biblestudy around 8am.  i have a giant bible, pop, purse and keys in hand.  something's gotta give and lucky for me it was a half-full coke that poured all over my center console and in between my seat.  treat!  drink 2 was old & got moved to my back seat holders to make room for the drink 1 can after the spill.  while my car was stopped, perfectly still, the can leapt to its demise onto the floorboard in my backseat.  pop just a'pourin.  the upside to this is that i still had about 400 napkins that i stole borrowed from panera from the first incident.

:: i parked nearly sideways in a spot without realizing it.  i walked out of the gas station and literally burst out chuckling.  what the heck is my deal?  who doesn't notice something like that?

:: after lunch and m&m's i'm officially too big for my 'skinny' belt. [term used loosely].  i could barely breathe.  sad.

what a day.  at least i saw this:

and this:


  1. That video almost makes me want you to have a boy, honey boo-boo. almost. but if you have a daughter, please never let her 'rock her daisy dukes' like that. ;)

  2. oh. that little girl. i just watched it. hilarious. where do these people come from?!


    That video is straight ridiculous. Cannot.stop.laughing.

    OMG...I cannot believe that even happened.

  4. I spilled a drink exactly the same way. Carrying too many things and trying to get into the car.
    You looks so cute with your very tiny bump.
    I would just like to say there is just something wrong with telling a 6 year old to shake their butt.

  5. PS - have you done the Chinese birth chart -- it is never wrong!!!!

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