Tuesday, January 17, 2012

scarves for sale...

you should probably read that in your best 'caps for sale' story voice.  

my sweet friend, libby has started a little side business making the most lovely, cozy, chunky knit scarves and i'm in love.  of course i had to get my hands on one.  i'm kind of a scarf hoarder, sorry benny.  today he found a whole basket full of scarves that i didn't even know i had.  i hid them from myself in the top of a closet.  who looks up there?  so lets just say that for the next 4 months, you'll most likely see me in one daily.

if you're interested in one of these snuggly beauts for you or a friend be sure to hop on over to her site & getcha some - she mentioned them today.  i know she'd be more than happy to accessorize you!
mine is an infinity scarf [that you wrap several times around] in an olive / yellow-green color.  i called it pukey green when i asked for it...does that sound bad?  what can i say, i like pukey greens and mustardy yellows - its a problem.  someone needs to think of better names for colors.  crayola, i'm looking at you.

thanks lib, i'm thrilled!


  1. sweet prego friend. thanks for the love. xo

  2. sweet prego friend. thanks for the love. xo


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