Sunday, January 22, 2012

week 12 & 13

i've decided that i'll update on sundays [the last day of each 'week' of pregnancy] for me.  my babe & bump will be at its biggest for the week and i can record all that's happening with little babeinski & me.
since i didn't do this last week i'm going to try and start back a week to recap, i'll answer these questions each week and see how we progress!

what's cooking? [new baby things]:  babeinski has reflexes, can open and close its hands, his eyes and ears are where they will stay.  it's digestive system is working / forming and its marrow is producing white blood cells to protect it.  its own baby-making system is in the works too.  it is about just about 2 inches long around the size of a lime or a large plum.
gender: we find out the first week of february, we're dying to know.
movement: babe is moving a ton [they say, and so does the ultrasound] but can't feel a thing yet.
momma developments: still feeling great.  it's a miracle really.  no morning sickness ever, fewer headaches than i've ever had in my life & no heartburn [yet].  please don't hate me...this really has been the most perfect, miraculous pregnancy i could have ever imagined so far.  the only thing that i really encountered was fatigue.  but after being very tired for a very long time i'm sleeping really soundly now and feeling more rested than normal, pregnancy normal, not real life normal. oh, a few more minor things: nose bleeds and faintness / light-headedness. 
total weight gain: 3-3.5 pounds
maternity clothes: not yet.  but i sometimes have to adjust my pants around my belly when i'm sitting.
cravings: i don't have anything more than really wanting something like normal.  you know sometimes you get in the mood for _____ and it's your favorite food.  i just have that.  nothing abnormal, nothing that i don't normally like and no one thing that is persistent
anything hard?  we're wrestling through future career / financial decisions, continual struggle not to drink a pool-sized big gulp of dr. pepper [i'm trying to avoid caffeine because i'm not great at moderation]
never forget:  at the end of this week we announced our little one to the world - to many family & friends who have celebrated with us wholeheartedly.  it is really an exciting time!  i talked to my work, we talked to our team,  biblestudy and high school students directly.  again with precious and priceless reactions.  then we posted on fb & the blog and it was all out there.  it was so much fun to see the 'hooray' messages pour in.  i know that we aren't the first people ever to have a baby - but when it's your life, its just so monumental.

WEEK 13:
what's cooking? [new baby things]: babeinski is growing.  this week it is the size of a peach, about 3 inches long.  bones are growing in its arms and legs and now it has itty bitty fingerprints.  vocal chords are in the works and babe could be trying to suck its thumb now.
gender: we still find out the first week of february but i just moved our appointment so that benny doesn't miss the uk vs. fl game - tickets were an early birthday present!  hooray - that will be one awesome week.  ben's current gender guess is a little gentleman & mine is a tiny little princess.  we'll see who wins is right.
movement: again - babe is moving a ton [they say, and so does the ultrasound] but can't feel a thing yet.
momma developments / 'symptoms': still feeling great.  more nose bleeds, being tired & a few moments of light-headedness.  they use the word dizziness for this but that's not really how i feel.  i feel like i'm going to faint, but without ever fainting to know what that would really feel like.  my eyesight gets kind of weird, i feel real weak and really feel like i need to lie down - or else. annnnd my boobs hurt this week.  treat!
total weight gain:  3.5-5.5 pounds
maternity clothes: still not yet.  but i sometimes have to adjust my pants around my belly when i'm sitting.  i'm less self-conscience about my shirts now that everyone knows about the baby.  i don't actually know if anyone would notice the little bump but i was a sensitive about it when i was trying to be a secret keeper.  and i had to adjust my pre-pregnancy skinny belts around my waist multiple times each time i wore them.  i might need to add some more notches - ha!
cravings: i really wanted a grilled chicken sandwich all week - ate one and i'm done.  i still think i just want things every now and then, just like i always have
anything hard?  i cried this week about our dirty floors.  we have been talking about replacing our nasty carpet and padding since we moved into our house and when i realized that we probably won't be able to take care of that before the baby comes i cried.  and then i felt selfish and stupid because i know people do with much less than us and worse situations than us.  lets blame hormones.  ben and i are trying to get on the same page with life.  we're getting there & i love it.
never forget: we're done with the first trimester!  a third of the pregnancy is done.  the weeks are already going by so fast.  we've been talking about baby names.  we don't agree on many but just the thought that the little babe will grow up to be a person is crazy.

in case you're interested, here are a few resources i've found really helpful to see what is happening each week with the babe, they each say something a little different about what's going on in there:
what to expect
baby center
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  1. Can't believe you are already in the 2nd Tri! Congrats on no morning sickness...and by 'congrats' I mean 'b****!' JUST KIDDING! :) :) I've been brainstorming baby names for you...but Brzinski is a hard name to match stuff with. You can't really do anything too crazy or the poor kid won't be able to say his/her name. I'll let you know -- I think I have the perfect one...but only if you have a girl!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHHH my gosh! JEN!!!

    I haven't been by in a while, I've been student teaching and haven't had much time to blog, but I'm so glad I stopped by today!

    I am so excited for you!!!!! What awesome news!

    Prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy and babe!


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