Tuesday, August 3, 2010

always a day late

i really wanted to link up to carissa's miscellany monday but i missed it again.  lame.  i'm posting this anyway...don't hate me for my tardiness!


i make cloud pictures almost every time i'm outside.  driving is somewhat distracting if you're always making bumblebees, houses & gnomes in the sky, but it's something i love & love to do.  i actually think finding hidden pictures is one of my few non-spiritual spiritual gifts.  i believe it all began when i had these flowery curtains in my childhood room.  i could find about 23 different faces by looking at the different combination of blooms.  i'm sure you can see the direct correlation between curtain pictures & cloud pictures. 

i'm still overwhelmed by this weekend / week.  soon i will step back, collect my thoughts & happenings and share them.  so many awesome things, so much opportunity & potential, so much fun, so much heart ache.

we have an adventure in the works for our 2 year anniversary.  i know 2 years isn't any type specific 'milestone' but for us it is an opportunity to celebrate marriage & what an awesome gift it is to have a spouse & partner in ministry.  i'm excited about the roadtrip, the places, the adventuring, the people we will visit while we are there and most of all so excited to spend quality time with my awesome husband.  i'll share more about those preparations soon.  the countdown is on...only a month and 3 days to go.

spiders.  sick.  i hate spiders so much and they are every where.  i don't know if it's a summer thing, or a heat thing but i feel like they are every place i look.  i feel creepy crawly just typing about it.  i want some spider spray stat!  today, there was on in my shower. YIKES!

immediately after i post this i'm going to write another miscellany monday post so that i will be prepared next time that dreaded monday tries to sneak up on me.

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