Monday, August 30, 2010

we are really blessed.

things are wild around here.  wild i tell you.

i really did want to share details from sarah's sweet shower but have been overwhelmed with to do's, the work, the fun, the parties, the sickies and more.

i'm committing to post about it this week though. there i said it.

this weekend was fantastic and not-so-grand.  after a week at work that nearly ran me ragged i was blessed to have such a fun friday in the works.  leadership with such an amazing group of people and many new faces.  it was so awesome to welcome them into our little family.  after worshipping, praying & visiting together we parted ways.  i ran errands in preparation for what would come next!  a bundle of students came over to the house.  all kinds of fellas & ladies.  its was perfect.  our house starts to feel "full" really quickly & it definitely felt full.  i like that.  they all mingled together, the girls sang hairspray songs & the joked about boy things in the kitchen.

one humorous anecdote:  i was wearing a danville h.s. football hoodie & a student who had never been to our home before asked if my boyfriend plays for danville.  he was serious.  and i am nearly 25.  hmm.  the rest of our lafayette friends got a big kick out of it because of course they knew us well and this young fella must have thought that my parents were out of town rather than us actually owning a home.

after a few hours of blissful hanging out we headed off to the world's largest water balloon fight at uk.  yes, how fun is that?  definitely one of those things that doesn't happen everyday and you've just gotta fill up your car with friends & head out to join.  ben & i really enjoyed that time with our h.s. friends & with our co-leaders.  here's a video of our time.  we're on the right, surely you can't find us...
{video idea stolen from my dear friend anne who was also at the 'fight'}

dripping wet we hung out for a bit at the field and then headed back to the house.  some more mixed company hanging out.  benny's brother chris & our sweet friends, morgan & joy stopped by for a visit too.  i LOVED this.  how fun to see so many people we love in one day.

ps.  i'm pretty sure our neighbors hate us.

after the boys got the boot it was time for a slumber party.  yes you heard me correctly.  i'm getting pretty rickety to stay up until nearly 4 a.m. but i made it.  laughing, junk food, silent library, a tiny bit of rest, cinnamon rolls & hair trains rounded out our time together.  perfectly perfect.  i love those girls so much & i want nothing more than i want them to know Christ & to understand the huge love He has for them.

saturday afternoon to sunday afternoon weren't worth mentioning.  i was terribly ill & was basically immobile for 24 hours.  it was awful.  i'll spare you the details.

after i was miraculously healed {literally} i was honored to hear my husband speak to l.h.s. kids about Jesus...about how God sees people, how Jesus did ministry, how to love people well & our mission together at the school.  i was so encouraged to see some of them really catch a vision for what could happen at their school.  really care if their friends hear the good news.  really want to lay down their life. it was awesome.  i wish there was a picture i could share of that.

.hope all is well in your home too.


  1. That all sounds like SO much fun! Love that you can be such a great role model and mentor to all of those girls!

  2. Jen- I went to the balloon fight too! It was so fun!! Great seeing you tonight. Target shoppers are the bomb. Glad you're feeling better. I hope Ben's classes are going well and they aren't killing him like mine are killing me...already.

    See ya soon, friend!!


  3. Now that is what I call good clean fun. I am so glad school is getting off to a good start with your young people. I am sure Ben is already studying hard.

  4. That is a funny story about you having a boyfriend. We went to a wedding over a weekend and saw a lot of really old family friends. They haven't seen me for years! And this one lady came up to me and said "oh my gosh you are so big now!" I was like my weight or my age. HA! She said age thank goodness but I was like I am turning 30 in a year or two and I have a kid. Yea, I'm pretty "big" now.


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