Friday, August 6, 2010


and so it's friday.  all i recorded this week is what happened last week.  dang it!  i guess that is bound to happen every now & then.

highlights from the week:
--getting to hangout with high school girls going through some really hard trials
--being so encouraged by a certain student, her heart for the Lord & for her friends blows me away
--a planning / panera date with my husband
--praying for the ryders
--team leader meeting & dinner
--yl back to school / post-camp pool party
--seeing both sets of my parents
--mom & pop graciously offering me their giveaway goodies {can't wait to share them here}
--today holly is celebrating {and i am mourning} her last day at work with me

tonight we have YL leadership which i'm really excited about.  it has been a long while since we've all gotten together & i can't wait to see everyone.

& to cedarmore for a planning weekend.  we're going to flush out some of the logisitcs for this coming semester as far as young life at lafayette goes, pray, & vision cast for the next year.  i think it will be really great for our team & i am SO hopeful for what God is going to do in the coming months.  i pray that it is something huge!  really praying to be in tune with the Spirit this weekend so that these will be the Lord's plans & not ours.  {His are always better}.

and since i simply can't leave you absolutely is my current covet.  i desperately want this vintage map calendar from anthropologie.  i want to cut off the top ribbing and the bottom calendar and frame all twelve {or perhaps my favorite 9} & hang them in my living room.  i'm in love.

 i'm pretty sure i need this.  if anyone is was thinking...i want to buy jen all the can find it {HERE}.
at the site you can get a close up of the maps too.  you need to look.
there's even a map specifically of italy.  aw, benny, that means you need it too!  we need the boot.


  1. Have a great time planning with your team [even though that camp is so dirty & filled with bugs] I LOVE that calendar as well!! Hope to see you very soon!

  2. ah have so much fun! that's the camp i went to for my leadership retreat in the spring...good memories. miss you jen jen.

  3. this was on libby's screen. sweet blog jen! i wish i saw more of you and ben(nie). ryder.


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