Friday, July 30, 2010

here we come..

.happy friday friends.

i could not be more pleased to announce that the weekend is swiftly approaching.


basically, i have filled every waking moment for the next 48 hours with fun or necessary activities that will keep me fully occupied &/or entertained.  i'm going to be the best picture taker / memory maker so that this little online journal can thrive.
{martha stewart}

plans include but are not limited to:
visiting benny
dinner with girlfriends {giggles included}
pool for a moment - have to revive the freckles, my paleness is attacking once again
farmer's market - on the hunt for some fresh blooms for the house
hobby lobby - i have many up-coming projects.  i will undoubtedly reveal them here
cleaning / organizing
photography adventure with my dear friend jenna
birthday party
trip to louisville to help the 'rents & see my fam
dine with court & matt
campaigners with our awesome students


this should be a yet another full & wonderful weekend
{boxwoodcottage's flickr}

.i hope the same for all of you.  if you'd like to join in on any of the fun please give me a holler.
{sip slowly}

ps.  it's perfect outside.  are you in lexington?  go outside.  right this second.  drop whatever you're doing {unless it is carrying a child} and run outside.  it is gorgeous & breezy.  you don't want to miss this.


  1. I love you & miss you & wish I was joining you in all your weekend adventures!

    I laughed out loud when I read the drop whatever you are doing comment...

  2. Have a fabulous, fun, fancy-free weekend! Wish I were closer...I'd love to join in for the moment at the pool and a visit to the Farmer's Market :-)

  3. Not in Lexington but it's been gorgeous in California, too! :)

    Love the colors in all of the cool and summery!


  4. Love the comment of plans include but not limited too.... :) Weekends are for adventure, right? Love your sweet blog btw :)


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