Monday, August 23, 2010

you may say that i'm a dreamer...but i'm not.

{friday} zoom.zoom leader meeting..leadership..h.s. football..visit my momma steph {the baker}..pack up for a baby shower

i was exhausted by the time my head it the pillow friday evening.  what a fun day of working, fellowship with friends, being with students & seeing my family.

{saturday} up & at 'em
rolled out of bed & ventured on over to the site of our shower.  it was time to decorate!!  my dear cousin sarah is expecting a baby boy this fall & of course we needed to celebrate itty bitty baby & momma!  i can't wait to show you all the cuteness.  i'm allowed to say that because i'm not responsible for much of the preciousness.  my oh so creative family & family friends did a fantabulous job of hand-making the perfect details.
quick run to kroger for the some last minute goodies and then off to take care of business...i was a mess, as usual, and couldn't celebrate in that condition.  some more gathering of odds and ends and then back to set up once more.  gotta get all that food out for the hungry masses!  i can't wait to document with pics..

after the shower we scrubbed, cleaned & packed up {all done while visiting with wonderful ladies in our fam of course}.  you know your family is truly wonderful when even cleaning up is fun.

then...hubby time!  yay.  a precious bit of time with just benny & i.  we got a little nap in & watched a movie together.

with so many out-of-towners in town for the shower, of course we had to get together once more.  pizza at my aunt & uncle's home.  it was so great to see everyone, stuff my face & this time around the boys were invited.  football games, old family videos & chitty chats...all hilarious, all wonderful!  i wish i could show you some clips of these videos and scan these old family photos.   wheezing and stomach cramps would be had by all...the laughter would be unbearable.  the curly bangs & pleated jeans would be enough to make anyone burst.  parents, please don't do that to your kids.

{sunday} the day of rest
i slept until 10.  i never sleep til 10.  i couldn't believe i was still in bed when i rolled over & looked at the clock.  ben was out of bed.  i always wake up when he starts moving around, but not this morning.  i rushed out to the den to find my sweet husband and apparently i had medusa hair.  he laughed at my little unopened asian eyes and crazy hair.  i bet he wishes he had a picture to post.  don't you want to remember that forever benny?

we were lazy.  we watched the chronicles of narnia {which i also picked up from the library..wootwoot}
{luci is my favorite.  i love the way she talks.  when i read the book i'm going to read all her parts in this little girl's voice}

additionally, i attempted to non-watch a godzilla movie.  i love matthew broderick.  but not as a godzilla fighter.  then off for a sunday drive.  first to the library, then to get fountain pops, then to lhs, then to the mall.  ben loves sunday drives.  he was eating up this adventure to nowhere.  i had wanted to go on a walk but after being outside for 30 seconds we realized i would melt.  so a 'walk' through the mall was our alternative {are you picturing us speedwalking with jogging suits on?}.  we bought nothing.  and had no intention of purchasing anything, it was just nice to be together, peruse shops & stretch our legs.  p.s. william sonoma & jcrew- you are far too expensive.

back to our humble abode for more reading, hanging out & relaxing.  i had many productive things that needed to be accomplished, but none of them did.  and i didn't feel bad about it. 

the night came to a close with a campaigners meeting with our students.  i love that time being with kids.  dylan spoke on fellowship.  i am so blessed to have faithful people surrounding me, showing me a real picture of fellowship, living a life in community.  i pray that our h.s. friends will experience that too.  that they will be real with one another, have relationships based on christ & really care for one another. 

after all our friends left ben & i had the opportunity to sing together.  what a blessing it is to have a husband who will sing praises with me!  even greater, who encourages me to sing praise.  i hope i can always remember ben playing his guitar singing to the Lord. {that last part isn't for's for me, for my journal. i don't ever want to forget such a precious time.}

so there it is in a nutshell...a weekend full of everything.

tonight we have a "farewell" sendoff for our dear friend sarah who is moving on up to chicago.  we love sarah & chi-town, so we won't hate...but we will miss her HORRIBLY!


  1. I haven't read all of the Chronicles of Narnia but one day hope to. C.S. Lewis is so amazing. Have you read them?

    P.s.- Thanks for texting me last night!! I know you and your Benny aren't OLD. But I would've been in bed if I hadn't gone to dance so I thought you might've been...I'm really a grandma at heart. :)

  2. I love Narnia! And I would agree about Lucy, she is adorable, and I love her voice. :)

  3. Sounds like fun, fun, fun~ I swear you have the busiest weekends of anybody I know :-)! I'm sure it was great to see so much family...and we love Narnia too (both the books and the movies! Can't wait for The Dawn Treader to come out in a few months! Happy Tuesday to you Jen...


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