Wednesday, August 4, 2010

so full it might bust

this past weekend was so full.  it took me multiple tries just to remember every little bit what went on from friday after 5 until sunday at midnight.  it seems we never stopped going.  friday when i got home from work i received an email from justin about our friend, libby & all that was going on in their family, i was crushed to hear about what they were going through but encouraged because they are people who's hope is set on Christ.  that set the tone for the weekend for me - rejoicing, joyful & hurting.

warning: this weekend was long & in turn, so is this post.
{this has nothing to do with the happenings of this weekend but these weeds did sit on our counter all weekend.  they were along for the ride}

friday evening some girls decided to go out to dinner together.  the larger-than-expected hangout was such a gift.  these girls are so special & i loved spending the evening with them.

{i have pretty friends}
after yummy dinner at cheddar's half of us headed over to target.  don't judge us mandy...we were buying gifts {maybe jeggings & skirts too} but definitely gifts.

by 11 we were kicked outta target & i got to go to sweet friend lindsay's house for some of this...
yes, the o.c. with a precious high school girl & her tiny dog.  does it get any better?

saturday i had big plans.  jam-packed remember?  benny was going to be working all morning / early afternoon so i set my mind on getting things done.  i wanted to layout from 9 - 10 am but the dense, gray clouds ruined that dream for me.  by 10 i  had wanted to be at the local farmer's market.  the clouds couldn't weasel their way into ruining that for me!

my friend jenna & i planned to meet up and go together.  come to find that a few more friends were planning on the same. partay! off to the farmer's market we went.

here are some likes / dislikes of the farmers market.

the atmosphere
the people playing music in random nooks
the neat homemade goods
being outside & downtown
the bright colors
supporting local businesses
& irish dancing
ok, so the irish dancing doesn't happen every weekend but it was really fun this weekend.  their feet move very fast.

dogs. big dogs everywhere.  i'm sorry if you're an animal lover.  i don't hate them, i just don't want them near me.
smoking.  lexington has a smoking ban in all of its buildings which just makes my aversion to smoke even stronger.  being in this outdoor area people are just blowing smoke all over the place. ew.
crowds.  i love people but i think that i may have developed claustrophobia since my last trip.  i was ready to push old women and children to get me out of that crowd. 

here are some of friend jenna's pics from the ol' farmers market.  it's not necessary to say, but they are far & away better eye candy for my diary.  i'd like to remember the market this way if you'll let me.

from there jenna & i parted ways with holly, lauren & carly & went adventuring.  jenna takes beautiful photos {as you just tasted}.  she has a very creative eye.  i had seen some really neat places around lexington & wanted to show them to jenna so that she could just take neat pics or just know of interesting places to bring people for portraits.  if you live nearby and would like to hire a photographer you should probably contact her.  she's just getting her feet wet but i think i think she does a fantastic job.  um, and she's just about the sweetest person i know.  you can check out more pictures from our adventure saturday {HERE}.
a quick trip to hobby lobby for a craft supply run rounded out our outing.  i took little jenna home and headed to my own abode to meet up with my sweet hubby.  i can't share my crafts. they're all surprises.  sorry.  if you don't have this store, i'm double sorry.  move to ky!

i scooped up benny and back on the road we went.  my little baby cousin leah just turned 1 and saturday was the perfect time to celebrate her.

yes, that is the birthday girl in her tutu.  i took an obscene about of pictures of a baby.
her's leah's big brother jonathan.  jon jon & benny love each other.  one thing they did together was teach jonathan how to use a camera.

{one tiny chunk of our big ol' family}

{benny & i. both sweaty messes}

one of my favorite things...

stage 1
{this cake is all for me?}

stage 2
{maybe i'll just have a little bit}

stage 3
{my dad tricked me into playing peek-a-boo}

another one of my favorite things.  our gift to leah.
you're right, it is adorable!  she will look so cute in this.  you can find it {HERE}

after the party ben & i scurried off for a mini-date.  we love to go to the movies together and that is what we did.  we saw dinner for schmucks & i thought it was very entertaining.  we both laughed a lot & loved it.
we may have done something else after the movie but my poor memory can't recall.

sunday, well sunday was another big day.  i'll save that one for tomorrow.



  1. So many pics -- thanks for sharing!
    PS - Those "weeds" look like Queen Anne's Lace -- a beautiful wildflower! Good choice for your vase!

  2. I'm super sad that I wasn't invited to dinner on Friday night!!! :)

  3. Wow Jen. You did more this weekend than I do all year. Friday night sounded wonderful...dinner with friends, Target & the OC!! OOHHHH mannn!! Wish we lived in the same city!

  4. cute pics of your cousin. makes me want to have a baby girl so I can dress her up!

  5. The farmer's market looks awesome! All those flowers are gorgeous! And I have to agree with you people blowing smoke and huge dogs are definitely not my thing either!


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