Wednesday, August 24, 2011

watch out uk

it's become tradition around here that every first day of school i get to post my most favorite picture of benny as a student.  and since today is in fact the first of the school year for my hubs, here i am! 

it is actually the first day of your last year of school babe.  i'm so excited for you.  i know you're not excited about sitting in a classroom or doing busy work but i know that you're excited to someday [very soon] become a teacher that cares for & invests in the lives of kids.  just keep the end in mind, i know the rest will fly by.  i'm so proud of how hard you work and i wish you still had a backpack with green straps.  i love you dearly boo!


  1. Haha, too cute! My Ben just started his first year teaching last week. He loves it! Best of luck to your Ben!

  2. I love this picture too. Tell Ben we said Good Luck and as someone told me at my U of K graduation "The Tassel is worth the Hassle"


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