Monday, August 15, 2011

cooking out with the babes

hi friends.  i'm back as promised and finally think i'll share all the things i've been holding for forever.  starting now.  here are some shots from last saturday night.  our sweet friends, the poston's, had us and friends over for ribs in a fancy smoker & sundaes.  they were bomb awesome and the company was my favorite.  the three couples {besides us} all had babies there.  it was great.  and then there was a gigantic thunderstorm to top it all off.  it ruined our campfire but i still love a good storm.  here's some of my favorite shots from the night.  i'm so thankful for our sweet friends.
some of my favorite si pics. the silas show
readin his baby bible
now for din din
and their cutie
marsh & jenna,  i needed a pic of you all and eden.  next time please!  here's baby eden chatting it up on the phone.  i wish you could see her little ruffle top.

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  1. Wonderful pics! Makes me so hungry for ribs now!

    And by the way, thanks for the link yesterday. SOOOO exactly what I wanted to say!


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