Friday, August 19, 2011

i'm terrified of / weekend plans {not related}

greatest fears {that don't have eternal consequence}:

having ugly kids - you just never know what you're going to get.  i know if we have kids that i'll love the begeezle out of them no matter how they look or act but what can i say its an irrational phobia.  and just so you know, if i do end up having less than adorable kids i really don't want you telling me how adorable they are whilst thinking "that kid looks like lyndon johnson" {think seinfeld in the hamptons episode}

walking out of the ladies' room with my skirt tucked into my undies in the back.  i always triple check but i fear that in a rush i'll wash those hands and scoot on out the door {drawers showin'}.

also associated with bathrooms, walking into the men's room by accident.  i think the embarrassment alone would be enough to knock me over and while falling i'd likely hit my head on the sink {or worse, the urinal} & be passed out on a men's room floor which should be another fear all on its own.  it's not only unsanitary but double embarrassing because then even more people would have the opportunity to find out about my unfortunate error.

i'm terrified of becoming that couple that doesn't talk at the dinner table.  i'm sure you've seen them at restaurants.  they aren't doing other things like reading or being on the phone, they are just sitting in silence. it doesn't appear that they are just 'enjoying each others presence' either.  i always hope i've noticed them right after a fight and that that's not real life for them.

decisions.  not decisions that matter.  decisions like where should we go to eat tonight? should we buy this ice cream or that ice cream?  should we hang the picture here or about 1 inch higher?  seriously, who lives like this?

and finally / of course...clowns, spiders & things that are unsafe.

[updated]  one more.  one day living out the show 'i didn't know i was pregnant.'  i don't even really know how that is physically possible but if that doesn't scare you, i don't know what will!

what about you?  what are you most terrified of that doesn't actually matter?


and now on a completely unrelated note...i can't stop thinking about the weekend.  so much that i'm excited about. lots to get done, people to see, resting to be had.  i made a little to-do list and i hope to do it all!  happy weekend friends.


  1. I literally laughed out loud at the ugly kids part. I thought the same thing! I think you'll think your kids are cute, no matter what. It must be because they're yours and their a mix of you and your husband so if your kid is ugly, you must be too??!?! That was just too funny.

    Totally walked in a men's bathroom when I was 7 and saw and man, full frontal, peeing. Scarred me for life.

    Have a fabulous weekend, and thanks for the laugh!

  2. If you get all that accomplished in one weekend you are my hero. :) Also, even if you have not-cute babies {which won't happen!} no one would ever tell u!!!! Sorry, it's the truth!

  3. cute post. i can definitely relate to these :( haha

  4. you're hilarious. also, i love the new look! :) lets do hair soon. bye!

  5. OMG you got a new buffet/ you have got to post a picture. If this is a "Project" you must do a before and after. Your dresser turned out so nice.

    I have never seen "I didn't know I was pregnant" are there actually people your size on that show?

    I have no doubt you and Benny will have beautiful dark haired babies.


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