Monday, August 29, 2011

hair today, gone tomorrow

i've been an admittedly terrible 'post-er' lately.  i don't really know what the deal is.  i think lots of thoughts {hahaha} and then keep insisting, 'i'll write them down when i have time to upload my pics.'  and then when i have time to upload my pics i think, 'well i don't have any time to write now.' and thus nothing gets accomplished.  what a sick cylce.  so, as i have a million times before, i want to be a better record keeper for our life.  i want to do one of those challenges where you take a picture everyday for a year or something to keep myself accountable & creative.  maybe that starts today? if my camera wasn't at home this would be a less challenging challenge.

annnnyway, i am itching like crazy to get things accomplished.  my calendar looks like a schedule monster ralphed all over it so i'm not sure how much 'task accomplishing' i'll actually be up for when its all said and done.  it always sounds so good in theory {checking things off my list, actually making my house home-y, projects, etc.} but once the opportunity finally presents itself i find myself saying 'maybe i'd rather take a nap instead of organizing the hall closet'. 'maybe i'd rather cuddle & watch a movie than repaint a dresser.' that's basically my life. 

today holds lunch with a friend {good fellowship & breadsticks}, a date with jenna to practice wedding hair before we're maids in september & a lhs girls soccer game.  it should be pretty fantastic - except that i might be showing up a soccer game with an updo.  this past weekend we practiced hair on a blanket in a field with only bobby pins and a small comb so having other tools {like a mirror & hot iron} tonight should only make us better hair dressers.  i think we'll actually be able to do a pretty great job.  our only downfall is our aversion to all things hairspray.  i'm not sure what we'll do about that - hard hair with those little frizzies that stick up on top...i just hate those. 

to get the creative juices flowing, here is some inspiration hair from pinterest for ya.

notice a trend?  i love messy low buns.  i can't help it, they're my fave.


  1. So... I'm bookmarking this FOREVER! Love them!!! I'm a messy hair type of girl, so this is just up my ally. So awesome!!! YAY!!!

  2. Ummm...those are fantastic. I've been trying some styles too and it's impossible. I'm terrible at doing cute hair. Some HS girls are going to come over next week and do mine for me. MAAAAYBE that will work. :)


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