Wednesday, August 17, 2011

::leah's two::

a few weeks ago my little cousin, leah turned two and i was so happy we were free to go celebrate with the family.  some of my favorite pics of the fam and of course, the birthday girl!
her dad & grandpa {my uncle & grandpa} built her the most precious little house for her birthday.  it has a little window with a bar & stools so she can serve all her food {fake for now, maybe real later}.  all the kids {big and little} really loved it.
mom & pop
my little brother, nicky boo boo
my hair is stuck in ben's armpit. treat!
"i'm two!"
watching the birthday girl blow out her candles
happy birthday sweet little girl.  i know you won't remember but you ate about 400 blueberries and a plastic ice cream cone on your birthday this year.  and all your family was there and gave you hugs and kisses.  you're so big!


  1. How cute! I LOVE that playhouse! That is so awesome!

    P.S. I think your dad kinda looks like my dad!

  2. Jen- Such great pictures! I didn't even recognize Leah---such a big girl now. :) Hope to see you guys soon...give me a call when you guys are free- you must come visit Carter!!! Love ya! Sarah


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