Friday, August 5, 2011

happy weekend

..happy weekend friends..
i am so crazy excited for it.
this past week we were so blessed to hangout with a crapton of students nearly every night. they wanted to be together as much as possible since school is starting next week.  house full of friends, watching movies, playing games in the park, ice cream & dinners.  it was good for the soul.  staying up every night past one a.m. however, makes me a bit of a sleep-deprived crazy.  perhaps needless to say, i'm going to be catching up on that this weekend.  ben & i have already had sweet time together & with family this evening.  i hope the next two days are a perfect mix of fun, productivity & relaxation.

this weekend will also hold blogging.  woot woot!  i have several things i want to write / complete / publish but just need a second to sit down and get to them.  i feel like i've been learning, dreaming & playing a lot lately - now i just need to record it.

and now for your enjoyment...road signs hacked in northern ky {where we're from} and lexington {where we live now}.  this kind of vandalism makes me really happy.

Stories seen here & here

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