Monday, August 22, 2011

new & improved {blog by thirstyhearts design}

i am crazy excited to announce, my blog no longer looks like a homemade mess-tastophe!  my sweeter than sweet friend, ang, is starting up a lil design business and i was blessed to be a guinea pig of sorts.  i sent over all kinds of things that i love and she mixed them up into a photoshop blender and created the most wonderful, blognificant beaut, lovelier than i could have ever imagined!  she perfectly captured all the little details that i love so much.  i look at my blog now and think, "that looks like me".  i'm so proud of the way she's learned so quickly & with such determination.  she has many gifts but this one has been especially fun  to watch grow.  i'm so thankful for her time, energy & creative talent; she made something she knew i'd love & that is really special.  if you'd like to have an 'i have the cutest blog in the world moment' too, you should probably stop by thirstyhearts design right about now.

just so you know there will be some other updates around the blog as well {other than the look}.  i'm going to try and get them all wrapped up this week and do a little recap just so everyone can know what's what.

ang, thank you so much my dear friend.  i'm just going to go and stare at my blog now.  just let me.

[ps.  i'm going to adjust this post font to something that's a little easier to read soon.  right now blogger just hates my guts & won't let me do anything i want.]


  1. Girrrl! It is so, so beautiful. You look like a professional blogger. It's a perfect blend of sweet, feminine, and elegant while still being cozy and personable. Your friend is definitely using her gift for God's glory. Hooray for this! :)

  2. LLLLOOOOVE it! I just had mine updated as well, but just a basic overhaul. THIS is what I need to do! I love it!

  3. AHHHH! I love it! And I'm pretty jealous! ANG I NEED YOU!


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