Thursday, July 29, 2010

thus far

this week...oh goodness.  this has been one full, long week.

back to the daily grind right?  well for me anyways, yes.  after our adventure over the weekend i started things off a little rough.  i was a busy busy bee all day at work but did have the delightful treat of meeting my husband at home for lunch.  this never happens so it was pretty perfect.  monday evening, after some incidental car problems, holly & i ventured off to frankfort {our state's capital} for a lovely dinner with our dear & pregnant pal mere-bear.  yes that is what her parents named her, mere-bear, can you believe it?  her bump {and babe} are growing & growing.  just darling.  i specifically brought my camera so i could capture that darling memory & what do you know?  i'm pictureless.  here's my theft for all the world to see. 
{tyler wasn't at dinner but this was a cute shot of the bump}
from din din we scurried back to lex-town for biblestudy where we all but finished up our series about money.  it really has been good for me to process through what scripture says about money {what it REALLY  says} and see how that is played out in real life.  it has been challenging & has certainly made me think.

it would be repetitive to say i was swamped all day, but that was the reality.  i was swamped.  i was basically a big stressball & hated everything work related all day.  that is a miserable way to live, but i couldn't snap out of it.  thank goodness, that has passed.  my only relief approached mid-day when holly & i were able to celebrate our awesome friend, angie's 26th birthday.  perhaps it wasn't the most glamorous of celebrations but we did get to eat a lot of breadsticks.  angie is the oldest person i know {& that is what her cookie cake said}.

{that's her in the crown}
{i don't drink.  that's how i look}
after leaving later than i had hoped from work, i sat in traffic that seems 1 million times slower when  you are in a hurry than when you have no where to be.  i got myself all worked up.  it was one of those days where you want to cancel all your plans and take a long bath, soak & read old pottery barn catalogs full of things you won't buy.  i finally got it together enough to enjoy a truly wonderful evening.

immediately after arriving home we shot back out the door & headed to meet the ladies in my family.  they were celebrating my grandma & my cousin's {who i consider an aunt} birthdays.  they are two of the most wonderful women in the whole world.  i'm so glad we got to stop by, even if it was just for a few moments.

ben & i had a long standing date to go to a lexington legends game with tickets provided by my office.  the weather was absolutely perfect. 

it was 80 degrees, slight breeze and no humidity.  this is unheard of in kentucky!  all the stress of the day melted away when i got to spend time with my sweet husband in seats right behind home plate. 
the legends are a minor league team here in lexington, it's no 'great american ballpark' but it was fun.  if you live in the area & especially if you have kids, you should head on out there.  it's a really fun night.  one note: i would avoid taking children on 'jersey shore night' or $1 beer night perhaps.  i cheered obnoxiously, saw some LHS girls & spent much needed quality time with benny.

oh, oh and we went on quarter hot dog night!  woot woot!

we finished the night off with a walk around the block with a quick pit stop at my parents house for a visit.  they live down the street.  tuesday night was a TREAT.

i won't complain anymore about my poor attitude.  what does complaining about my attitude do other than make my attitude worse?  full day at work and then sped home to see my loving husband.  we were preparing for a post-camp pool party for the evening but giant gray clouds and a gloomy forcast ruined our fun.  we ended up cancelling our fun night planned with students which was terribly sad but i must say that a surprise evening at home wasn't so bad afterall.  the poston's stopped by with baby silas {who loves his auntie jen & uncle ben} and we got play for a few minutes.  isn't he such a doll!?  he'll be crawling before you know it!

.that's our week thus far.
we have a lot coming up, i'll keep ya posted!


  1. Hi Jen, wanted to stop by to answer your question about the canvas floorcloth...I would not describe it as soft underfoot, after it's painted, it became quite heavy and stiff, but in a good way. It would probably work great in an office especially if you have a chair going over it...mine is only a 3'x4, but a big one, 5x7 or bigger would be great! Good luck, I hope you try it!

  2. Hi Jen! Sounds like you've had a crazy busy week (but a good one so far)! I've missed catching up but we've been on vacay. Your trip to Chicago looks like such a blast! What a treat. Hope you are well...and are adjusting back to "real life". I totally hear ya on that point. It is taking a long adjustment for me too. I think my body is still on vacation! Happy Thursday!

  3. What is so fun to me is that I get to know you in real life so I can just hear you saying all these things...kinda like I can hear you speaking of those willow trees...
    I'm so sad for all your blog friends that don't get to hear your sweet, silly voice!
    I hope I get to see you soon when I come to Lex!


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