Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i forgot to mention some other rather noteworthy highlights from this past week.  i gave you a little taste of camp {here} but there's no way for me to capture all that goes into a week.  every little detail is planned & designed to aid in pointing kids to Christ and let them have the best week of their life.

my girls asked more than once what was going to happen to celebrate the fourth of july while we were at camp.  {they are SO inquisitive} two things should be understood, i tell them all week long "i don't know what's going on" so that they can be surprised by what comes next, in reality...i always know what's going on.  secondly, you never know what day of the week is at camp, much less the date!  so i really was unsure if the camp would do anything for the fourth.  not because they hate america but just because camp kind of has a flow all of its own.  so, i told them repeatedly that i really didn't know if anything would happen and i could tell they didn't believe me.  i could tell they were anticipating something great...which made me nervous...because like i said...i really didn't know if anything was planned.

on the 4th i found out that our amazing assign team did in fact plan something extraordinary to surprise our students with. after an evening of hearing truth, dancing, & singing {i wish i could say more without spoiling} they handed out sparklers. the students were super jazzed about that and we all lit them at the same time. it really was neat to look out over this huge space, complete darkness except the lights of hundreds of shimmering sparklers. then to the joy & astonishment of many, tons of gorgeous fireworks lit up the sky while america the beautiful played. it was just like the sandlot. it was awesome. a definite memory maker.

while i was in virginia, my dad was in florida {with the rest of my fam} celebrating the big 5-1.  yep, dad grew a year older.  we're so thankful for you!

happy belated birthday via blog pop!

today is gloomy & gross outside.  i hope it doesn't damper the day.  we have plans to hang out with students over the next few evenings {hooray} & i've got projects & chores galore piling up in my mind {and garage} for this coming weekend. 

i hope to be back to visit soon. 

happy tuesday friends!

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