Monday, July 19, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

if you're reading this from my blog originally you must go visit carissa, the host of miscellany monday.  she is hilarious & her blog is fantastic. 

if you're visiting from carissa's, welcome!  we're so happy to have you!

{1} this weekend was relaxing & blissful!  i hope yours was the same!

{2} 3D movies:  they are everywhere.  every movie is "coming soon in 3D".  i don't care for 3D movies, they make me motion sick and cost extra to go to.  why would i want to pay more for a migraine & nausea? i'll continue to see my films in the good ol' fashioned flat way, thank you!

{3} today is the last day to enter this super awesome giveaway!  hey, guys & want a the softest shirt ever fo FREE?  go {HERE}!

{4} the four times that i read carissa's miscellany monday i called it 'melancholly monday' {in my head}...i guess that is a true reflection of my subconscious peeking out.  what if every monday was a holiday?  the world would be a better place.

{5} inception anyone?  it's the new leo decaprio movie & we saw it this weekend.  ben & i both loved it!  i want to see it again so i can play detective & sniff out clues.

{6} for the past year & a half i've been trying to talk myself into being a grown-up.  i'd really like to learn how to cook, plan meals in advance, grocery shop well.  i'm afraid it's just not my strong suit.  i don't know what will happen if we ever have kids.  they may only eat fruit roll-ups.  they're part fruit right?

happy monday friends!


  1. We want to see inception...I've heard nothing but great reviews!

  2. I hear ya on the 3d movies...I am not a big fan of the extra motion. Gives me a headache:-) haha to the fruit roll ups for kids dinner!!! LOL!

  3. Hi :)

    I cam over from Carissa's! What a wonderful post :)

    When I went to the store the other day, they actually offered 3D glasses with a TV set. Do they seriously think that I would pay a whole lot of money to replace my adorable TV with one that might or might not show movies in 3D? The only 3D movies I have found interesting so far are cartoon movies. 3D and real life just don't go together ;)

    I have decided to not grow up completely until I have kids. That's my excuse for eating unhealthy things every now and then ;) My best friend's mom always said that she learned cooking while her kids were little before they could remember ;)

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. I agree with Kate's comment about learning to cook once you have kids. It's like they seriously force you to grow up-planning, organizing, scheduling-you have NO CHOICE! :) But Braylen is so easy to schedule and not sure how other mom's do it but he eats the SAME thing everyday for lunch. He loves cheese, turkey/chicken, fruit and pretzels. Gotta love it!


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