Monday, July 12, 2010

a giveaway {to support something great}!

my dear friend, ang, works for an organization called 'heritage of kentucky' which is a non profit organization that teaches a character based abstinence program for teenagers, parents and community leaders in Eastern and Central Kentucky.  the program directly impacts many students throughout our town and in ways that echo for generations.

in the past they have been federally funded but recently their funding has been cut and the program {along with all of its awesome influence} is looking at elimination.  please check out their blog {HERE} and see what they are all about.  in a world that is filled with falsehood & facades it's a shame to see people who really care, speak truth & encourage teens to think about their decisions & futures get pushed out.

in honor of their hard work to love people well & help mold lives in ways that really matter {with grace & lace} is hosting it's first-ever giveaway...JUST.FOR.YOU!

we're giving away one of these bomb-awesome, super soft tees to one lucky reader. 
we have smalls, mediums & larges available. and your choice of orange or navy {both heathered...and did i say soft?}

.to enter just leave a comment. 
you don't have to have a blog, you don't have to have commented before or be a follower.  just leave me a lil note below.

for an additional entry mention this giveway on your blog or FB.
if you don't need a tee, maybe you know someone who does?  show your support & your love for free loot - enter below.
{just make sure you leave your email address if it's not connected to your profile}
winner will be drawn at random next monday, the 19th.

leave a note, say hello, ask a question...they'd love to see you


  1. yep. can i win that?

    thanks :)

  2. abstinence is cool!

    i heart my friends :)

  3. that girl modeling the t shirt was looking really foxy.. :)

    if i don't win, can i buy one??

    (see the desire, the desperation??) PICK ME!!

  4. I agree...Abstinence is cool & like Randi said the girl in the orange shirt is foxy :) I hate hearing about their funding being cut!

    I'll be back later for my 2nd entry after I link this to my blog!

  5. Oh pick me pick me!! Lovin' the shirts. I totally want to buy one if I don't win. How cool are they?!

  6. love the absitnence shirts. This would be great for a youth pastor's wife to wear =)
    Jennifer Sanders

  7. I support my wife, the staff, and the mission of Heritage. I hope that the program can continue for our youth's sake, not for our own livelihood!!! Vonnie's husband (Tyrone)

  8. I LoVe this shirt!!!!!

  9. I'm back for my 2nd entry. I really want that orange shirt :)

  10. i speak publicly about abortion, i had one when i was 19, and now i mentor little girls in hopes that i can teach them there is a greater love...GOD...and abstinence is very cool!! =)

  11. I'm in again! (Is that cheating?? Does it even count? Oh well...) I seriously would love to know where to buy these even if I don't win. I'm so loving it!

  12. i would love to try and win that beaut of a t-shirt!
    -katie dornbusch

  13. This is your husband...I WANT THIIIIIIIIIIS!

    you know where to find me...

  14. I want one! I will be happy to buy it!

  15. I wish a lot more of my friends were like me and weren't out there having sex. I tell myself all the time I want to wait until I am married to have sex but some of my friends seem to always pressure me and my response to them is NO... A baby isn't something I want right now and I sure don't want a STD... College brings a lot pressure about this matter but I know that I want to wait and hold out as long as I can.. Thank You for what you all teaching all about Abstinence and (Vonnie) I am inspired by you. :) Ashley

  16. I'm proud to say own one of these t-shirst (: haha

  17. What a great giveaway and organization! Abstinence is cool. :)

  18. What a great organization. It is disappointing and sad when funding for such a positive program gets cancelled. I think most cities could benefit from such a program.

    The t shirts are great. Are they also selling the t shirts to help raise money for the program?

  19. I'd love to win one. I think I'll give it to a youth group member. Mary B (benny's momma)


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