Thursday, July 22, 2010

take me?

i have a major hankering to run off to ikea.  ikea is filled with things i can't afford don't need.  i'm incredibly thankful for all the blessings that benny & i have received and recognize that stuff will never bring you joy. 

that being said...window shop, shall we?

i think 1 or 2 of these lil guys would do my living room good!  people have to sit on our floor fairly often {don't judge our lack of seating} and these might be a sweet treat for a sore tush or two.

i don't know where this could go in our home but i like it.  i keep envisioning it in a girly bathroom / dressing room {we have neither}.  if it showed up at my house {hint hint ikea} i'm sure i could find a suitable home for it.

pillow $2.99
i know this is a funky pillow but if you have a little girl or you're funky might need it.  $2.99 are you kidding?  you can't even get a pillow form for that.

i know i shouldn't use the word 'love' loosely but geesh i really really really like this throw blanket. really.

i'm pretty sure i need this throw in every color.  i love stripes. i love blankets.  i love everything cheap.  i love cheap striped blankets.

200 straws $1.99 

such a cute bed!

$6.99 for a 6 pack 


  1. I was just thinking of ikea the other day!! Lovin' their duvet covers!

    Thanks for the post on re-doing your dresser. I re did a shelf this past weekend with your tips and it looks GREAT! I'm working on a post I promise!!

    Have a great weekend to come! :)

  2. bestie,

    i have that chandelier above my kitchen table.
    it's quite girly and fun.
    you should come visit. we could sit at my kitchen table all day and look up.



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