Tuesday, January 29, 2013

girls weekend: batesville

i told you it was adventure week(s)!  so last week we headed to Louisville for em's first date, which was a smashing success & this past weekend we were beyond blessed to pack up all of our baby wares and head to batesville, in to visit sweet jenna with the majority of our bible study. she got married this past fall and we haven't been able to make the trip out until now.  she basically lives in stars hollow and getting to see her precious home made me so happy.  now when we chat i'll be able to picture her life a little better.  i must say it was a little disappointing to see that her house is about 10Xs more put together than mine and she's been there 4 months vs. my 4 years.  she has things hanging on every wall.  every. wall.

once we were loaded up there was one option, $1 pops for a long road trip.  this is a mcd's summer tradition so i have no idea what's gotten into them, there's snow everywhere.  this is a must-take advantage-situation.  em and i drove separately from the girls because i was pretty much operating on her schedule and we didn't spend the night like everyone else.
she was such a trooper in the car.  two hour car ride and she slept the entire way until we got off the interstate.  screamed for 5 minutes but i'll take it.  the only bummer was that i had one cd in the car.  just one.  this is emmie cheesin' saying "aahhhh, i'm covered in babies!!"
we arrived only minutes before our friends.  we had a leg up on them because their cars were filled with restroom seeking pregnant people.   have i mentioned 50% of my friends are pregnant right now?

sometimes my friends do things like let my baby drink my dr. pepper.  well you know she can't use a straw but she likes to pretend.  immediately following this picture she spit up down my straw.  good thing it was a dollar. :)
we did lots of fun things; went and ate larosa's together, made a dress from a xxl men's tee (thank you jenna and pinterest), had a homemade meal, and best of all just got to visit.  all of our friends lead pretty busy lives and it isn't that often that we all get to be together, sadly.  we may have already plotted our next trip though so maybe we won't have to wait too long for another up-all-night-girl-bonding-festival.  next time i will stay, promise.
for the past 6+ years i've been able to meet with these friends and talk about life & God's word together.  they encourage me like you wouldn't believe.  they have hearts that yearn for the Lord and for people.  each one has so many different gifts and talents and insights.  i'm continually blown away that i get to walk alongside them as we all grow and {hopefully} mature.  seeing their passion and sincere hearts for Jesus has always been such an influential catalyst for me to go deeper, be more reliant on the cross, have genuine faith, be full of joy & the Spirit.  i know that is a true gift.  i am so grateful.
there were a few friends who couldn't make it this trip, we missed you dearly. next time friends, next time.  we'll be together then.  or on thursday {the best day of the week! -lu}

oh oh oh, and i got my ikea lampsuckas!!!!

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