Tuesday, January 22, 2013

emmie's first date

ok, so she may resent this later but what mother [given the opportunity] wouldn't document their daughter's first "date".  yes, she's 5 months old so maybe it was more of an arranged play "date" but whatev.

me + bean, ready to head to louisville.  it's a long-distance romance.
auntie holly and big sister elle were there to chaperone.  you know we're all about supervision.
little jack man and his gorgeous momma.  that smile and alfalfa hair?  i die.  he literally smiled and squealed the entire day.  he is such a doll.
jack was really trying to woo little ecb.  here's proof.  baby love.
no fear...holding hands just like besties
"i'll never let go..."
"look at those cheeks!  i could just pinch 'em..."
"...and your beautiful hair.  girls like it when you play with their hair right?"
"whoa buddy, this is one great day!" -jack
"good thing i wore my heart onesie today." -em
"and a kiss for the little princess..."
:: best friends ::
undivided eye contact.  until it got weird.  i'm obsessed.
em can go on all the dates she wants as long as the fellas are as gentlemanly as jack, momma gets a front row seat & camera rights.


  1. so cute!!!! (but cormac is not dating til he is thirty.) :D

  2. Such sweet pictures. I remember these years with my girls so fondly. All of them have b-days in the next few days so I'm a little sentimental about those baby days.
    ~ Wendy

  3. You need to know that I live a whopping 2 minutes from Meredith and I didn't get to see you. How is this possible?!


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