Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Monday

written at 8 am, published at 2pm - whoops :)

i have a mini babbling away in her crib, fighting her morning nap with sheer will power and vowel sounds. i know that about this time i should get up and get things accomplished around the house. clean...everything, do dishes, mop etc. but my bed is so warm and fluffy.  it doesn't want me to mop. it wants me to bury my face in the pillow, draw my puffy blankets up under my chin and rest my eyes as emmie rests hers (assuming that will eventually happen). who can deny an invitation like that?

so in the meantime i just wanted to say a quick hello and post pics of my baby's awesome cheeks.
we were at a wedding recently i asked ben if he thought emmie would ever be in a wedding as the little flower girls bopped down the aisle.  as we get older, we know less people who would possibly want our kid throwing stuff down the aisle of their wedding you know.  he said "oh yeah, em's going to have lots of friends."  i was confused and asked him again, he responded the same.  he thought i was asking if emmie would ever be in anyone's wedding, like ever.  hahahaha.  of course she will - she's going to have lots of friends, says poppa.
ecb tried food for the first time yesterday and it was glorious enough to warrant its own post.  be back soon for more!  happy monday.

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