Wednesday, January 16, 2013

new favorite pic

look at that little bean!  what a little doll.  a friend / photographer posted this for me today and i couldn't help but steal and share here.  this is from my b.i.l.'s wedding - what a princess; she's obviously excited for the nuptials and her tongue looks like a heart, how fitting! taken by the talented roselle photography.

it's freezing cold and icy here in lexington.  people from the coast posting sunshine pics on instagram were making me want to gag a little today.  spring, come soon!  i am so pumped to take long walks with the babe, sit outside for picnics & ugh, when the pools open, gimme a break.  daydreaming about that is getting me through.  hope you're snuggled under a fuzzy bear blanket and drinking hot chocolate til then...that's my plan.

i need a braid.

all our love,
jen, ben & em

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