Saturday, September 22, 2012

married: the hendersons

another weekend, another bestie married off.  our sweet friends, jenna and scott have officially tied the knot.  we were so blessed to get to celebrate with them and be part of such a special day.  they are two of the most faithful people & i can't wait to see all the ways that God will use their marriage to further the kingdom.
at the rehearsal we got to have another 'family night out'.  it was fun other than the screaming that emmie belted.  i think she just wanted to be with all the girls.  emmie wore a dress and my husband was just plain handsome.

on the day of, emmie did get to be one of the girls, she was very helpful and gave all the ladies beauty tips.  i think she may have even been cheering katie howard on as she got her hair teased like pamela anderson.
precious little bean getting all filled up before daddy takes her away.
the beautiful bride and her girls.  it was literally the most beautiful day.  SO SO SO pretty and obviously the location was gorgeous.
sweet friend, the day was beautiful and so were [are] you.  i hate that you're going to live in a different city than me.  i can't stand that lunch dates won't be the norm anymore - but i know that you aren't too far & that the Lord has specifically called you to a new town with your new husband for big things.  i can't wait for you to get back from your honeymoon & family vacay so we can catch up & plan our next date.  perhaps, ben, emmie & i need to make a trip up to your new home?
thank you for letting us celebrate with you.  we're so blessed to have you in our lives.


  1. Emmie wore the dress we got her to the rehearsal!! YAY!!!! And I love all these pictures! I'm so mad that I didn't take hardly any. I need to get better at that.

  2. You don't look like you just had a baby AT ALL!! You look completely amazing, Jen!!

  3. jen i love this!! so sweet:) please please come up to indiana! i am decorating all kinds of things already:)


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