Tuesday, January 15, 2013

today is special

i wanted to write 'every day is special' and then i heard ben quoting something [i can't remember] that says 'if everything is special isn't that the same as saying nothing is?' which is kind of true but i really do feel like everyday there is some part of it that makes it purposeful or special.  maybe something teeny, or lots of teenies, or something grand - regardless of the impact or implications, something special.  i don't want to miss those special things here.
today emmie & i went to work together.  that is a first.  i quit working a week before ecb's due date and never went back.  i was asked about a billion times, "so when are you going back to work?" and i always responded "never, i'm retired!" which of course is so freeing and awesome - but now i'm a liar.  an opportunity basically fell into my lap that i couldn't very well pass up - it is perfect & i believe, ordained.  i get to work within the ministry that we've been leading in over the last decade and just take care of some admin / office / accounting for our area.  i will have a couple office hours a week but the majority of my job can be completed from home while em naps or while ben is taking care of teacher things.  i am beyond thrilled that God has blessed us with this opportunity.  i love that i will be able to contribute a little to our family financially but won't have to sacrifice much of our time together - that is so valuable to me.
twins right?
to make today extra-special, ben had a professional development day so that meant more time together!  he got to sleep in and see the little when she woke up.  she is so precious when she first wakes up. and...the school he had to go to today was right next to the office where i was working so we got to have lunch together.  me, poppa & emmie collins - lunch date.  literally never happens during the week.  it was brief but blessed.

so it's only noon and today is already "special."


  1. That is SO great Jen -- especially that you can bring her to the office!!! Congrats on rejoining the working world (at least part time) - you'll handle it wonderfully, I am sure! :D


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