Saturday, April 7, 2012

to celebrate a mrs.

in just about a week we will be celebrating my amazing cousin stephanie and her up-coming marriage [the happy couple is on the far right]. it is killing me that we won't be able to be there on their big day to see them tie the knot.  they are getting married one week before our due date a few hours away from home so we'll have to miss out.  it's just such a monumental event / moment / union.  i wish we could be there as witnesses & to celebrate along side of them.  no doubt we'll be throwing rice in our driveway and dancing in our den to celebrate from afar [bump included].
at least i get to be a part of the pre-party.  our family shower.  i was blessed to whip up some invites for such an event.  i thought i'd share them here.  i punched out a bunch of hearts [we're celebrating love after all] in different cardstock patterns that all 'go' with our colors, stolen from her save the date.
i printed all the pertinent info right inside standard cream cardstock cards.
from there i just stitched across 3 little hearts across the front to sweeten them up. each was slightly different, pretty muted but still darling & romantical if you ask me.
i'm so looking forward to this!  happy party planning friends :)

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  1. don't miss your cousin's wedding!!!! unless she is reeeally far away. I guess it is all about what you are comfortable with...but we drove to louisville several times within a week or so of our due date. you could be weeks late!

    cute, cute invites, though!


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