Monday, April 2, 2012

23 weeks

 excuse my dirty, nasty self.  sometimes sundays are no shower, fun days!  happy 23 weeks!
23 weeks
what's cooking? [new baby things]:  babe is over 11 inches long, about 11.5" and over one pound in weight, like a mango or a harry potter book.  her weight is supposed to double in the next four weeks.  yikes / yay!  get those cheeks girl!  her body is becoming more proportional and her skin less see-through.

gender: little bitty girl!  hi little princess!

movement: she is moving EVERYWHERE.  she is moving higher in my abdomen than ever before.

momma developments: still feeling great.  i tire easily, really easily - but that's ok.  if i stand or walk for a while my hips and belly start to ache a little.  i think things are just shifting and stretching a bit.  it isn't anything unbearable, mainly just makes me want to do stretches in the middle of store isles or lay down on sidewalks.  nbd.  i've been more emotional / irritable / uptight lately.  i hope that i can have perspective on what is important even when i get overwhelmed or stressed so i can enjoy them and be full of gratitude.  needless to say - someone should be praying for sweet ben.

total weight gain: 13-14 pounds still.  at the dr. she said that i'd gained 13 pounds from the start so i'm feeling good about that.  still i continue to feel bigger & kind of waddle-y.  she said that i should be gaining about a half a pound a week from here on out and what i've read from these prego sites is about a pound a week - so hopefully i'll fall somewhere in between the two.

maternity clothes: same as last 2 weeks.  all maternity bottoms, mix of regular and maternity tops.  still able to wear some dresses from pre-pregnancy.  would like to get a few more maternity tops but long tanks are really helpful.

cravings: i'm loving food right now.  sometimes sweet things, sometimes salty.  i just want to eat a truckload of unhealthy food.

anything hard?
wanting to do work.  like regular work or housework, any kind of work is difficult for me.  i want to accomplish the things that work would give but my body just wants to sleep.  its a problem.

making decisions.  we're trying to make so many house decisions for the babe & her room and i'm awful at it.  trying very hard to work on that.

some difficult things have been going on at my office and in our ministry but it has been awesome to see the Lord move in real ways and speak through his Word.  we've been so blessed in that.  it just is a bit draining emotionally & mentally.
never forget:
you had a doctor's appointment this week.  you did very well.  we got to hear your fast baby heartbeat.  it was 150 beats/min.  they measured momma's belly and weighed me.  all is looking well.

this week is your first spring break woohoo!  me and your pop are working up a storm this week getting our house clean and organized for your arrival.  we know we have a few months but this is my only week off to knock things out for you.  you're getting new carpet on friday so that is pretty exciting.  i plan on rolling all over your clean fluffy floor next weekend.  you also had your first trip to ikea this morning.  you got a dainty chandelier and a little basket for your hamper.  we didn't buy it [yet] but we may have also found the comforter for the twin bed in your room.  your pop is currently painting your ceiling as i type [which he doesn't really like so he must love you an awful lot :) ].  next are your walls and they are going to be a very light gray.  which you probably already know if you're out in the world and reading this.

the cats are advancing to the national championship tomorrow and you LOVED watching the final four game against louisville.  you were moving all over the place.  yay little cheerleader!  i love to imagine you cheering in our den with me and your dad someday.  you'll probably need a bow in your hair.

your poppa has been able to feel you move LOTS lately.  big movements and kicks.  basically whenever i'm laying down you're squirming.  i hope that movements mean 'happy' & not 'uncomfortable.'  momma steph got to feel you move this week too!  she stopped by after work, and just like usual, as soon as i laid down on the couch you were moving all over.  you kicked her strong several times "hi granna!"  your uncle nick [oh that's weird - he's 12] wasn't interested in being kicked.  he thought that was weird.

today we planned out different parts of me and your dad we each want for you.  not like important things like character traits but like "i hope she has your eyes,"  "i hope she has your hair," etc.  that was fun to imagine.  no matter what you look like little princess you will be beautiful inside and out i'm sure.  we did get to talk about more important things as well, like your poppa's role in your life.  i hope that he talks to you a lot.  that he invests in you and teaches you true things about who you are, who God is & how you are dearly loved.  he realized that someday you're probably going to want to date boys.  he may have hated that.  it's ok, we'll talk it out.


  1. yay jen!!! the weeks, I'm sure, are flying by for you. I remember it going really fast. Enjoy every moment of the nursery decorating!!! Make sure you are in love with every part of will spend a lot of time feeding, changing, and playing with your little one there! great color for the walls too! we did light gray and so much goes with it!!!

  2. so fun! I still love feeling her move around in there... DJ and I had a similar conversation a few weeks ago about who she'll look like/what she'll get from each of us - I just can't wait to meet her and I'm sure you feel the same way!! :)

  3. Congratulations, what an exciting time! You are looking fantastic !

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