Friday, April 20, 2012

things i want to make, buy or borrow for the babe

etsy, pinterest & blogs-
you [ruin / make] my life so [difficult / awesome]. 

i have a love-hate relationship with all things online.  surely you've heard me vent about this paradox before.  i don't really love being 'plugged in' but i do like to know what's going on, get inspired, see creativity at its finest.  i don't like the time i waste getting lost in a bunch of pretty sites filled with things that kind of don't matter - but sometimes i do it anyway.  i don't like longing after things i don't need and cannot afford.  i do like figuring out how to be a good wifey & mom & friend & follower of Jesus. i like to find sweet ways to shower people with love or gifts or crafts.  i love figuring out how to make our house a 'home.'  you know, feel like home.  not just 'nice looking' but lived in and fun and full.  something that feels like 'us.'  a place where God will be glorified and friends and family and babies will grow - not just physically, but in lots of other ways too. 

which leads me to this...a long list of 'things' i covet.  i'm sorry.  i hope you won't covet them too. this is a little 'inspiration board' [so-to-speak] of things that i'm dreaming about these days for the little bean on the way.  i hope that we give her much more than 'things' someday.  i hope that she grows up in a place that embodies all i mentioned above: lived in, fun & full.  not just full of stuff but full of love & care & Life & grace.  if that involves some sparkles, ruffles and tiny hairbows along the way, so be it. 

this most certainly will be hanging on itty bitty's wall someday.
my pinterest links lead me [here] but i'm not really sure if that's the original source.  i wish, i wish i knew where it was from.

a pouf similar to this one will either be bought or made to replace the $200+ ottoman that usually comes with a gliding chair.  the fabric will be different but i will be following the same tutorial to get it done - if it is homemade!
found [here]

i found this pouf on clearance at target and bought it just. in. case.  there are a lot of factors that may disqualify this pouf but it was too good to pass up for now.  it is pretty tall for a pouf, i'm not sure if the height will work with whatever chair we end up using.  i don't want my feet elevated above my legs while i'm rocking little lady.  it is also not so squishy - which doesn't really bother me but who knows if i'll change my mind.  it's more dense / firm.  and third, we have no textiles picked out for her room.  i don't know what kind of fabric / colors will be in there, on the chair, bedding or drapes so who in the world knows if this will 'go' in there or not.  gray with gray trim?  you knew this was happen.

i actually REALLY REALLY REALLY wish that this pouf from target wasn't out of stock, wasn't $169 and was sitting in my babe's room.  i think it suits me well & it's already made.  whatdoyouknow!?
and i have a very unhealthy obsession with headbands & hair clips for little girls.  like i want to buy little princess a truckload of them.  a literal truckload.  especially this little mustard colored bow.  awwww.  i keep putting it in my etsy 'cart' and never checking out.  i need to practice making these things so that my wallet isn't bare & full of bows.
i think my momma has found me a hand-me-down boppy and now i'll just need a cover.  i'm thinking something super sweet, such as this, would work.  i think this vendor lets you pick your fabric, or at least color pallet so maybe i could find something pretty gender neutral, in case there are future babes [who are not princesses].
i'm sure to be back with more baby-ful dreams soon.  if you see precious little gems, send them over my way!

speaking of, in my dream last night i was pregnant.  like with a big bump.  i don't think i've had a bump in any of my dreams so far.  my subconscious must be catching up!  woo-hoo!

happy friday!


  1. so cute... now I want to go look for boppy covers on etsy, SO DANGEROUS!

  2. can't wait to see your sweet little home on the the 6th -- it's been a whiiiiiile!!! and I finally get to see the 'bump' in person! :)

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  4. Hey Jen! I don't know if you remember me or not from the ol' Ryle days- my maiden name was Bethany Ussery? I just happened upon your blog through Facebook and it's really encouraging to hear a little bit of your and Ben's faith stories! I follow The Black Apple blog and have a pack of greeting cards from her Esty shop which includes a few Bees Knees cards. I'd love to send one to you as a little baby gift if you want to send me your address. It's just a 41/2 x 51/2 print but you could put it in a little frame if you'd like. :0) Congratulations to you two!

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