Thursday, April 19, 2012

i feel uncomfortable when...

1. receiving an absurd amount of literature about my cord blood.  whatever you want me to sign up for to 'win' anything having to do with cord blood - i'm not interested.  i'm sorry.  the name alone makes me want to ralph, adding 'giveaway' to that phrase does not make it any better.
2. picking up a super cute patterned maxi dress to try on & realizing its actually a pants jumpsuit. more than 5 times.  sad.  a special thanks to target & forever.  this bump aint havin' it.

3. when you see someone you think you should know, but you're not really sure if you know them or not.  you accidentally make eye contact and then sort of smile in case you do know them but they don't really respond so maybe you don't.  awkward.  however #3 is still better than when you think someone is waving at you & they are actually waving at the person directly behind you.  c'mon you know that's happened to you.
4.  reading aloud - i'm a fourth grader in a 26 year old's body.
5.  the existence of this dress and the fact that i smooshed it up against my pregnant body.  what kind of world are we living in!?
and what about you?  anything making you squirm these days?


  1. too funny. I too hate the fake-out-maxi-dresses... aka pantsuits... not cute.

    especially with being this far along with the pregnancy, I've been figuring a cute maxi-dress is always a great idea! :)

  2. Just cut the seams in the pantsuit and it will become a free-flowing dress - ha! Not really.

    I feel uncomfortable when I see a boy/man wearing his pants around his thighs. I feel an urgency to discover WHAT ON EARTH made him think that would be an appropriate or appealing way to wear his pants. I want to ask him if he knows how foolish he looks with his underwear in plain sight, for the whole world (including my children) to see. I want to ask him if he knows how silly he looks when he waddles like a duck to keep his pants from falling to the ground. And then I want to ask the girl with him if she REALLY thinks this is attractive. Ultimately, I want to ask him about self-respect. But I say nothing.


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