Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bride-to-be: stephanie

i mentioned before that my dear, sweet cousin is on her way to the chapel.  we are incredibly excited for her and of course needed to channel such excitement into a shower.  we wanted to do whatever we could to help her and her future hubs build their first little home together.
lots of folks helped pull this all together & my momma steph was running the show.  everything was perfectly darling and i hope that steph felt well loved & celebrated.  marriage is such a blessing & i hope this was just one of the many highlights in preparing for that.

the food was am-az-zaz-ing.  i had no part in that.  i brought some props & bowls - that was food contribution.  ha ha ha.  they must know about me & the kitchen.  they've figured me out.
i loved the way that the tables turned out.  my momma made these little terrariums with rocks, soil & flowers & i think they are perfect!  cream table cloths, burlap runners, doilies & many love story frames made the perfect place for a celebration. for the little love quotes i just got some metallic dollar store frames and very light pink textured cardstock.  then i took these precious free, printable table numbers & replaced the number with sweet sayings.
i was 'in charge' of game duty.  i wanted something that wouldn't take too much time away from socializing & celebrating but that would be a little special & fun.  first we just did a perfect match game where you fill in the missing half of the couple.  nothing too crazy but it was fun to have a span of ages in the room and have that reflected in the game.  different generations definitely could identify certain couples over others and that was sweet.

for the second game, we had a little bit of a he said, she said theme.  the idea was stolen borrowed from here & i just tweeked the details.  i cut out enough mustaches & lips for each guest to have one of each.  i took 6 "quotes" or statuses [12 total] from the bride and groom's facebook. the guests had to guess who said it after each was read outloud.  some quotes were sweet, some funny & some in between in hopes to trip a few people up.
i absolutely loved seeing everyone with their little lips & staches.  it was perfect.
nana in a mustache - really nothing better.
the rest of the day was just spent in pure merriment!
..a portion of the beautiful bridal party..
and lots & lots...& lots of goodies.  steph & andrew will definitely need to do some entertaining once they've cozied into their new place.
had such a sweet time planning and celebrating with you ladies.  i have just the sweetest little family.  and do you spy a little princess that tried to come to the party too.  yep, itty bitty was there, just a partying away!


  1. you and your cousin look like you could be sisters!

  2. I ABSOLUTELY felt loved and celebrated. You ladies are so wonderful and made me feel so loved - I had the best afternoon! Thanks for putting together such a special afternoon for me and for capturing it so beautifully in your photos and blog post. :) Love you tons!!


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