Monday, April 16, 2012

25 weeks

25 weeks
what's cooking? [new baby things]:  baby's hands and sense of touch are fully developed now.  HOORAY!  one site said that the baby can't feel when her pop pokes my belly but i can assure you that this little lady does.  she always pokes right back when her dad starts jabbing her in there.  tag is one of her favorite games.  her arms & legs are almost porportional to what they will be when she's born & now her nostrils are also clear!  she can practice breathing through them now.  babe weighs a pound and a half and is about 13.5" long.  she's trying to get chunkier daily.  and if she has hair AND you could see it you'd be able to tell the texture & color. 

gender: little bitty girl! hi little princess!

movement: i'm pretty sure you've started to do somersaults now. on tuesday at 6 am i woke up to you doing gymnastics. it was the craziest feeling and i had no idea what was happening. it's probably one of the most weirdly awesome things i've ever had happen to me.

momma developments: ever growing and not so gracefully.  i get off balance pretty easily which has been making me feel like such a clutz.  i'm still feeling pretty great - i just can't get around exactly like i could before.  bending over is now kind of an issue.  all that to say - shaving my legs may have just become quite the health hazard.  still a sleepy sally - i just can't get enough rest and the hormones are a-raging.  i'm sorry to my husband [and anyone in my path].  i may cry at you. or to you. or for you.  it's sad.  literally.  oh, and i forgot to mention...the belly button is flat.  like non-existant.  not and inner or an outtie.  just a button.

total weight gain: 18-20 pounds.  wow-zas!  i thought it would be a bit before i hit the big 2-0 benchmark but it kind of snuck up on me.  with 15 weeks left and a pound a week [so they say] i should be at the tippy top of the recommended 25-35 pound gain for a pregnancy.  we'll see how that works out.

maternity clothes: pregnancy pants & skirts all the way.  shirts and dresses are still a mix.  i tried on my sole maternity dress this weekend and it still didn't fit quite right.  maybe soon :)

cravings: still wanting some jimmy johns, and haven't gotten over to buy their bread like anne suggested.  i'm still wanting tons of sweets but still nothing crazy - like dirt or pickles & ice cream, etc.

anything hard?
being so emotional.  i kind of hate it.  sometimes i even know that i'm being irrational but it still doesn't change the fact that you're crying in a gold star booth you know?

prioritizing all that needs to be done before the baby comes.  ben has been such a trooper / baller / awesome husband getting things done around the house.  it really is amazing.  when i'm so easily overwhelmed he steps right in and makes it work.  it has been great!  my to-do lists are psycho.  lets just call it what it is.

still no name.  ugh.  time is not making it any easier.  this should be simple and clear but it's not.  it's hard.  we're so non-commital. and indecisive.  one day baby will have a name.  mark my words.
finding nursery fabric that i like.  i think i've spent a grand total of 5+ hours looking for fabric to no avail.  i am struggling!

never forget:
this week you got a crib!  hooray your grandparents bought you [and any future siblings] a crib for your nursery.  we are so so so excited.  we cannot wait for them to bring it up from louisville so we can set it up in your room.  other developments for your mini-palace: i bought you a pouf but it may be a bit too tall for whatever chair we end up getting for you.  i put the cart before the horse a little on that purchase but clearance at target doesn't keep so you got to get it while you can.  that's one of the many lessons i hope to teach you someday.  mom says, keep your reciepts.  also we've done a bit of glider shopping for you.  we may be narrowing in on some doable options!  hooray for cuddle time.

we also put your dresser in your room and it looks absolutely perfect.  too bad we accidently got you new / old, awesome hardware that doesn't fit into the existing holes.  darn it.  don't worry, we're going to work our creative magic soon and get the dresser completely complete.  brainstorm here we come!

me and grandma both bought you bathing suits this week!   you're coming in july and just so you know, it will be disgustingly hot around that time.  you most certainly will need a tiny baby pool under a shady tree in the backyard to splash around in.  nana karen got you an itty bitty newborn suit and your crazy mom got you one that you can wear in 18 years months.  so yes, it is a little excessive but i couldn't help it.  look how sweet you'll be!
this weekend you also attended a shower for your cousin steph who's getting married right before you come!  all the guests loved you in your little bump.

for a few minutes you were able to see your nonna & some of the damiani family.  i wish that it had been a much longer visit for me and that you would have kicked each of them, little love taps.  i'm sure they would have loved that.  the next time we see most of those ladies you'll be out and about in the world.  that is pretty crazy to think about.

as the party-hopper that you are you also went to your uncle nick & nana's birthday dinner.  we decided that you should call uncle nick "dunky" and that it would be appropriate to call aunt chelsea "aunt jelly" so just write that down somewhere!  we did get to stay there long enough for you to kick the whole family.  i like it when that happens :)

we're getting so close to meeting you.  i can't stand it.  we love you already and can't wait to snuggle and cuddle and teach you and take care of you.  love you sweet girl!

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  1. Dirt??? :) That suit is adorable! I can't wait to buy Cormac's cuz something girlie soon. Pretty sure even if he has a little sister, she won't be all that fancy, so I am counting on having your little nameless princess to buy pink things for.


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