Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sunshine & celebration

this weekend was kind of amazing.  we were able to do so many fun things, see all kinds of friends, relax and play.  basically everything i ever dreamed of [except that i wish my house were immaculately clean & organized].  we had a little too much fun & relaxing for that.

friday evening i can't really remember what happened.  i think it included a lovely walk in our sunny spring / summer weather around the neighborhood.  i also did some crafting for bridal shower invites [hope to share soon] and some baking for a different bridal shower the next day [also hope to share soon].

my evening included some of this...

ben and i got to have a WONDERFUL massage saturday morning.  it was the perfect relaxing way to start a saturday.  it had been a looong while since we'd been able to do that and my sweet hubs treated me to it for valentine's day.  a little over a month later - we finally had a free weekend to enjoy it.  if you're wondering 'how does a pregnant lady get a massage?' well let me tell you.  i was really hoping for a a table with a belly-hole cut out.  i'm not sure if those exist but doesn't it sound awesome?  you're not able to lay on your belly for months and someone provides you with a 'hole table' all the while giving a glorious massage?  well that's not really how it happened but if there are any masseuses out there - i'm giving you some ideas.  when we went it was still perfectly lovely but you have to lay on your side to get rubbed.  BUT they do give you a giant, super soft body pillow - i could have definitley drifted off into a sleepy-sleep-fest but made myself stay awake to take all the goodness in.

later that afternoon i got cleaned up and got to go celebrate a sweet friend!  randi [ on the right ].  she will be a little bride in less than 2 months and we couldn't help but party over that.  well, tea party over that.  more to come later.  all of my friends are getting married, did i mention?
from there i took a catnap and then joined friends for mexican dinner & a rousing uk game after that.  it was an awesome evening - perfect ending to an excellent day.  it felt like summer.  not just the temperature and sun but the feeling of the day.  it felt like we were "off" or something - had no plans but had all kinds of things to do.  it was lovely spending so much time with people we love.
sunday was more of the same - just enjoying our weekend to the brim.  i slept in while benny wrote papers.  i caught up on project runway all stars, read some scripture and headed out for a walk to think on it.  our front yard is blooming.  full force!
we have two big flowering trees, my 3 bulbs i managed to plant are coming up [ha ha ha] as well as two random tulips left from the previous owner [we need a lot of work] oh yeah, and a front yard packed full of weeds. whether i want it to or not everything is a bloomin'!  at least i can enjoy the flowers.  aren't they sweet?
after planning for a biblestudy that night we were able to go celebrate our dear friends jenna & scott.  they got engaged the week before [surprise engagement in disneyworld] and here they are telling 'the story'.  it was so fun to celebrate them, their relationship and all that they Lord is going to do in and through them as a family.
on a completely random note.  i've found a new love.  sunkist smilies.  they are the tiniest little oranges ever and i love them.  i sent ben to the store for cuties and he came home with these, they may be just like cuties but a little littler.  easy to peel, tiny, yummy sections, no seeds.  WIN!

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