Sunday, March 18, 2012

21 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]:  babe is about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long about the size of a carrot or large banana. they say baby looks like a mini-version of what she'll look like when she's born with all of her facial features formed and hair that is growing on her head [unless she's a baldy like me].

gender: little bitty girl!

movement: all.the.time.  little lady really likes to move around.  she is especially a night owl.  in the evenings she loves to squirm around.  and if i'm laying flat or leaning forward [like at my desk at work] she re-situates then too.  you still play with your dad.  he pokes you and you kick back.  he gets to feel you pretty often now, mainly because i'll grab his hand and stick it on my belly every time you're moving and we're together. i hope you'll know us both when you get here.

momma developments: i'm feeling pretty giant and i know it's only the beginning & i have it easy.  i feel a little off balance and definitely tired.  most info says i should have all kinds of energy but i still feel like i could nap at any time.  which is true of my non-prego self so maybe that's just me.  sleeping is still a little challenging and i'm jonesing for one of those super soft, real long body pillows.  i've got some crazy things going on with my chest - if you're interested just ask.  for the sake of any fellas reading i'll spare you the dets.  still loving the overall blessing of pregnancy, even when it's not glamorous.

total weight gain:10-12 pounds.  we have about a month and a half left in the trimester and i read that i should probably be gaining about a pound a week from here on out.  i looked at some different charts and it seems like i'm right on track.

maternity clothes: all maternity bottoms, mix of regular and maternity tops.  still able to wear some dresses from pre-pregnancy - hoping that they don't look too busty [normally i don't have much to worry about ha!].

cravings: still just eating all the time.  trying to have healthy snacks instead of junk.  fruit, yogurt and cereal are my go to's since my meals aren't always "complete"
anything hard?
trying to drink as much water as i'm supposed to.  i suck at it.  i don't really like water and they want me to drink like a gallon a day.  impossible.

never forget:
me and your pop were able to go and get a massage this weekend.  probably my first and only prenatal massage for this baby.  but it was oh so very relaxing. i felt spoiled being so pampered but it was so sweet.  we had a perfect morning together.  and i think you liked it too.  you were kicking around quite a bit.  i hope you were relaxing too!

this week you kicked brittany & susan, my friends at work and then later you kicked hols & jenna at randi's bridal shower.  you gave them some really hard strong kicks.  it was perfect timing.

baby, you're experiencing your very first march madness - even in the womb.  you cheer for all the games and i'm pretty sure you love to hear you dad holler at the screen.  you especially enjoyed the duke loss & the cats incredible win.  you inherited that.

you kicked so hard at work i said "oh my" out loud because you surprised me so much.

it is spring here now even though it's not technically spring just yet.  it is beautiful outside and we've been going on lots of walks so you can get some exercise.  sometimes your dad comes with us and we all get to catch up together after work.  sometimes i go alone and get to pray over you and talk to you.  it is really precious time that i cherish.  walking also makes me feel like i get to do something for you and putting you out in the sun with fresh air seems right.

baby info sources:
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  1. You legitimately look preggo now!!!!! Gorgeous! :) Yay for sundresses - I lived in them during my pregnancy.

  2. "i haven't had water in weeks!" also, i need your baby to kick me now.

  3. Umm I laughed hard at this comment..."i hope you'll know us both when you get here." As if your baby will come out & yell "You're not my parents, I'm outta here!!!"

  4. jen jen! you're so pregnant!! i can't wait to see you & baby b, it's been too long (aka a week.. haha). but for real. missed you lots. can't wait to see you! i also have some things i wanna talk with you about. fazolis date this week?! love you!


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