Tuesday, March 6, 2012

showering babies: celebrating lu & baby junker

i should start with a little disclaimer that i didn't do any of the precious-ness that you are about to see.  my sweet and talented friends put together this adorable shower & games & jenna took nearly all the pictures below.  they were edited through pixlr-o-matic, my new love.

so on to the celebration! on sunday we had the opportunity to shower our friend luci and her soon-to-come little princess.  how cute are these vintage-inspired, flashcard-style invites?  rach did such a good job with every last detail.
bunting of printable abc flashcards, complete with the most precious pictures.  many of them have colors that i've been eying for our little lady's room so they may make another appearance someday.

we each brought a letter of the alphabet for little baby's room.  it is neat how differently they all turned out.  nothing duplicated, so sweet.  i can't wait to see what they do with them.
katie thoughtfully and creatively planned our 'games' and activities for the day.  we each made a onesie or two for little baby out of scrap fabric and fabric glue.  they turned out so sweetly & i loved seeing them all strung up on a clothesline.  tiny baby things have to be one of the cutest things ever.
here's ang's adorable creation
mine was real simple but i thought it was sweet.  just a little lovely heart for a little sweetie!
katie also had us write down stories about luci so that little babe could know her momma like we do.  we have a lot of funny stories about lu.
 and of course we didn't skip presents sprinkled with a 20 questions game.

lu, we cannot wait to meet your little girl in real life.  i'll try and be patient but it will be hard.  i hope our little girls will be such good friends.  we love you dearly!


  1. Super precious shower! I love every detail.

    p.s. I printed off those alphabet cards too, but on cream paper. The colors turned out too muted for Evie's room...I kept them because I thought they looked like you :) You want 'em?

  2. I love these photos. And, I love pixlr-o-matic. HOWEVER. What web browser are you using? Because I cannot save any of the photos on my Macbook without the program freezing and completely wonking out. What are you using? Tell meeee


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