Sunday, March 11, 2012

20 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]:  babe is about 10.5 ounces now and somewhere around 6.5" long from head to rump. or 10" long from head to heel [holy moly!].  she's about the size of a banana, cantaloupe or a can of red bull.  one site says: "your baby has established sleep patterns akin to a newborn now. many babies even have a favorite sleep position already." i am dying!  i can't even stand thinking about her having tiny baby sleeping positions in there.  WHAT!?

gender: lil baby girl in there.  she's probably wearing a tutu and little tiara right now.

movement: still moving a ton!  definitely the strongest bumps and pokes so far came this week.  she's been kicking in the same spots over and over. i always think that's funny.  i love when i can feel where she's at in a ball on one side or the other.  over the weekend she just started stretching out where i can feel her in two different places at once on opposite sides of my belly.  she must be getting bigger in there!

momma developments: they say the top of my uterus is about in-line with my belly button now, and that certainly would have been my guess from how i'm shaped these days. i've had some zits pop up the past few weeks so that's a fun momma treat.  i might have mentioned this but i have tons new baby hairs around my face and across my hairline.  i'm desperately hoping that they grow fast so that these scraggley little boogers can finally lay down & i can quit looking like a broke-down mess.  i've had some leg cramps - which are terrible by the way.  terrible.  while suffering through a stomach bug this week i had one in my calf and really thought...this might be the end of me.  i almost cried. and yelled. and puked.  it was a virus.  last week when i was shopping i had some more boughts with light-headedness.  nothing too terrible.  i went and sat down, ate a hotdog and felt much better.

total weight gain: 8-10 pounds.  sources say i should have gained around 10 pounds so far so i feel great and like i'll be on track.  i lost a little since i was sick but i know it won't be long before its back.  they say from here on out i should be gaining about a pound a week.  ow ow.

maternity clothes: bottoms all the way and a few tops now.  if nothing else adding a long tank under regular shirts has been working ok.

cravings: still stuffing my face but no specific cravings.  i had been mourning over the lack of mexican cheese dip in my life ever since i read all about how i shouldn't have any while pregnant.  my sweet friends sent me this picture this week of pasturized white cheese from a restaurant down the street.  i can't wait to get me a chimichanga!  ay ay ay! [is that offensive?]
anything hard?
having a stomach virus and worrying that the babe is feeling it in there.  i called the doctor and she said that all is well but i still felt pretty sad for her.

the name game continues.

never forget: you have been such a mover and a shaker this week. i don't know if my stomach bug got you all ryled up or if you're just growing but you've been moving so much. and you're kicking so hard. your dad told me over and over "look how big and strong she is!" this week is definitely the hardest movements we've felt so far. a few times i even gasped a little because you surprised me so much. and then i just had to laugh - its so awesome that this is happening.  you also were playing tag with your poppa this morning.  he would poke you and you'd poke right back.  it was precious.

you cheered during all the uk games.  you were probably shaking miniature pom poms too.

this week something pretty fantastic happened for our little family.  definitely an answer to prayer.  i can't wait to tell you all about it.  i know each of us will be so blessed by all that is going on with these new decisions and phases.

by the way...we're halfway there!  ahhhhhh!

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  1. Jen jen, you look so great! I can't wait to meet baby brzinski. When's your due date??


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