Sunday, March 4, 2012

19 weeks

WEEK 19:
what's cooking? [new baby things]: baby is starting to form some fat [although you couldn't tell from the ultrasound].  she is covered in goo and a layer of tiny hairs.  ew.  babe is about 6" long from her head to tush, about the size of a sub or an heirloom tomato, and weighs 10 oz.  they measured her this thursday and estimated her weight and for both was about 40-45th percentile for babes her age.  she's a perfectly average little princess.

gender: the double check is legit.  she is a girl fo sho!  we couldn't be more excited.  we celebrated by buying one million dresses this weekend.  you may see some soon ;)

movement: she is moving around so much.  although i have had two days so far, non-consecutively, where i didn't feel her nearly all day.  it was kind of a scary feeling to feel her so often and then not feel her much.  everything i've read and the doctors say that all is well, she could just be moved a different direction where its more difficult to feel.  she's actually moving around right now...hooray!  during all the storms on friday i was watching my belly and actually saw her kicking with my eyes.  it was the first time i had tried to see if my belly was moving enough for you to see and we could!  it was so fun and so much like i have an alien living inside me. 

momma developments: still doing so well!  now that i have humidifier my nose bleeds are gone too so now i don't have a single thing to complain about.  i feel so blessed with how things have gone.  i almost feel nervous that something terrible is going to come up because things have been so perfect.  i know that isn't rational - but how does this happen to the girl who normally gets migraines and pukes all the time?  unreal.  i also recently realized that since i've been pregnant my fruit allergies have all left.  i normally get big bumps in my mouth and an itchy throat and its all gone now.  i can eat all the fruit i want with no repercussions at all!  this little baby is the best thing that's happened to me physically!  i'm growing.  in the last few days i've heard all kinds of comments about my real belly now.  i think she's popped out a bunch in the last 72 hours or so.

total weight gain: 8-10 pounds depending on the day.  or time of day.  or how many bowls of cereal i've eaten so far today.

maternity clothes: i'm only wearing maternity bottoms now besides sweatpants or leggings.  i think i could wear normal pants if i bought a belly band or pushed them super low but i think i would just be constantly uncomfortable - you might be able to tell in the picture but she sits real low a lot of the time her and normal pants just don't get along.  maternity pants are my favorite.  and thankfully i got a few more pairs this weekend.  i can't wait to get them into rotation!  i don't have to wear maternity shirts BUT since the front of my pants are stretchy spandex i do have to be mindful of how long my shirts are so that i'm not showing people my goods.  my regular sized dresses are still a great go-to when i can't find my pants.
us at the doctor this week for our 20 week check up [a few days early]
cravings:  still stuffing my face but no specific cravings.  i did want some spicy food the other day but that's about all.

anything hard?
still no name.  ugh.  i know we still have 5 months but it's just killing me!

ben had to leave our doctor appointment early and i instantly felt super emotional about being there alone.  i've gone to an appointment alone before but since we were hearing the results of the ultrasound i guess i was just worried that something was wrong and that i'd have to hear that news by myself.  thankfully, all is well and i am so blessed to go through this awesome miracle with the love of my life but i couldn't help but think about those people with different stories from our own.

i'm emotional in general, more sensitive and crying easily.  i balled watching 15 minutes of juno last night.

i'm itching to get our house in order and start the baby's room!  i struggle a lot with completing house tasks and with decorating so i put this in the difficult category even though it's fun too.

never forget: i'll never ever forget getting to see you again up on the screen.  seeing them measure all your little features.  you're tiny little legs and toes.  you gave us a thumbs up in your picture.  i hope that means all is well in there. you're such a gift.  me and your grandma went shopping for you this weekend and got you all kinds of precious little outfits to wear.  i cannot wait to put you in them.  i have a feeling you may be just a tiny bit spoiled and just a tiny bit overdressed for an infant.  speaking of...your aunt emily & aunt elizabeth brought you over some gifts too.  one being the most precious little sparkly, ruffly baby shoes in the whole wide world.  once you have a dresser they will sit right on top.  waiting for your tiny feet to fill them.
ps. your poppa says he loves you very much and he thinks you're going to be really pretty.

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  1. I think God gives us what we can handle...and He must want you to just take it easy. Nothing bad is going to happen!!!

    I can't wait to meet/see your bedazzled baby in all her ruffliness! Cormac likes shiny, sparkly things, so I think they will get along fine. :)

    ps - you will cry watching juno the rest of your life now...

  2. Jen, I'm so happy for you and your Ben! I'm praying for a health pregnancy for you. How awesome a little girl!!! She'll be gorgeous, for sure! My hormones were all over the place while I was pregnant, too. I cried over anything and nothing at all. Ben was scared to speak for a while, afraid he'd make me cry!


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