Friday, March 2, 2012

happy friday

here is some randomness for you.  happy friday.

to start - there is a 90% chance of tornados in central kentucky today.  i hope they [the weather people] are exaggerating but if you like to pray, i don't think that now would be a bad time.  i heard that the stormchasers are in town, so that might be a bad sign.  yikes.

unrelated & on a happier note...

i could spend hours [here] looking at their beautiful images and creative storylines.  [this post] made me want to buy an iphone, have a whole mess of babies, dress them vintage clothing, play outside & have ben grow a beard.

i'm so excited to shower our sweet friend lu & her babe this weekend.
[this was the most recent pic i could find of lu with a bump - all those boys won't be there]

can anyone find this?  i found it on pinterest but it wasn't linked to the original and i haven't been able to find it anywhere else.  i think little baby b might need this someday.
this weekend is packed full of plans.  shopping, celebrating, cleaning, organizing, learning & showering babes.  it's gonna be a full one [if my town doesn't blow away.]  i'll do my best to document all the fun.

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