Friday, April 1, 2011

so what if it's april

i missed some things a few {ahem} months ago because i couldn't post on pics on blogger but i still wanted them in my little scrapbook here.

benny turned 26!  that's his dot cake.  it's not on a fancy stand {because i don't have one}.  don't judge my little carrier.  the cake tasted just as good!  but i thought we were going to burn the house down with all those candles.  getting old = lots of fire
we also puppy-sat for my parents fur-babies while they were in sunny florida for a month.  they really loved to run and play and get muddy in the backyard.  and i liked that they got some of their wild, crazy puppy energy out.  black puppy {harley} is flying through the air in this pic.  if i had been level with him it would have been a really fun shot.

harley saying, "mom & pop please come get me from the crazy brzinski home!"
i'm really glad we have this:
it made being a puppy parent a lot easier.  especially in february covered in snow.

we also celebrated love day.  just two heads swimming in a sea of black - i haven't improved my photography skills much yet.  especially pictures that i'm in.  but we're still in love! 
i got to enjoy precious time with the love of my life.  and pretty flowers too!

now that i can upload pics once more i wanted to include a few more favorites from my photo adventure with jenna a few weeks ago {seen originally HERE} that it wouldn't let me have on the first go 'round.  what a sweet jenna.

happy friday friends!

in more up-to-date news, we have a big weekend planned. we're going to northern kentucky to see benny's family, even extended family from chicago who are in for spring break.  they are so sweet & fun, i can't wait to see them all.  i also hope to get the margraves & other friends perhaps.  additionally i have the longest to do list of all time.  i usually don't take care of any of my list when we go out of town but i hope that all changes this weekend.  oh, and how could i forget...i'm also going to watch the payback cats take on down uconn on saturday night on their way to the national championship.  i cannot wait.  go cats!

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