Thursday, April 28, 2011

quickly approaching :: the race

i am so excited right now.  all around me the culmination of long awaited events are on the brink.  this weekend we will be traveling to nashville to cheer on many of our dear friends who are running in honor of libby.  i can't wait to see them run.  what an awesome picture of their devotion to the fight.  not just a fight here on earth but a fight for eternity.  my friends are learning what it means to 'run the race' physically but not only that, learning so much about 'running the race' spiritually as well.  i see jesus in their lives.  and in libby's.  i'm so blessed to have friends like these.

this weekend will be a celebration.  the end of cancer for lib. a joyful cheer for community.  a weekend of rejoicing in God's sovereignty & perfect will. and extra bonus is that we'll get to be with some of our very favorite people from all over the place, va, pa, tn, il & home.  oh i just can't wait.

i need to get packed up and ready.  i won't be lacing up my running shoes, but i may have a megaphone - and a team libby tee.

{little sidenote:  it's not too late to support the ryder's and support the race, see the chip-in on the right side of the screen.  it will be there for one more day!
if you desire to give to them afterward, just contact them or us and we'll get you the info.}


another fantastic event is on its way.  one of my besties, rachel, is about to become a mom!  she and her husband will be excellent parents and i know that the Lord will continue to use that family for mighty things, kingdom work.  i simply cannot wait to meet the little guy!  i hope he likes me and doesn't cry when i hold him.  i also hope that he waits for all his aunts & uncles to come home from nashville before he makes his grand entrance!


ministry is so exciting right now.  God is moving in really big ways and friends that we love and pray and cry over are meeting Jesus.  for real.  isn't that crazy!?  we are so blessed to even get to hear about it, much less be used by the Lord for his purposes. i pray that God would grow these students to be strong, faithful, unwavering people of God.  i pray that his kingdom would advance at lafayette.  there are a lot of dying kids filling that school day in and day out - our team wants LIFE for them so badly.  

camp will be here before you know it.  a week long trip with students where they get to experience the gospel - see it & hear it.  just ministry as a whole right now seems heightened.  i don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me, it just feels like a peak.  not coming to completion, that's not the right word, but that so much of what we plead & hope for we are finally getting to see with our eyes.  and that is really amazing.


 i'll be back before long.  going to gather my things for a wonderful adventure.

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