Saturday, February 19, 2011

some shots from the jennas

here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.  as jenna said, the ones of her i took and the ones of me jenna took.  my computer just told me that my picasa & google memory has reached capacity two absolute FAVORITE pics from the day won't upload into blogger.  arg.  anyway.  i'll figure that out and show ya later.

my typical expression while trying to figure out my camera...

today was a wonderful.   filled with time with my wonderful hubby, just doing life together and watching him hangout with high school guys who spent the night playing madden.  i slept in late.  i ate donut days because ben is thoughtful.  we shopped {ben has been a man on a mission, a denim mission}.  i drank diet coke {yum}.  we got to visit micah, ang & silas for hours and watched the cats dominate.  it was awesome.  he is growing like craaaaazy, so big and has such a fun personality.  it turns out that not all babies are as cool as him, he's really extra special fun.  i like to watch him laugh at ben.  and i love when he runs toward me.  he let me cuddle him today as he scheduled the next year and a half in ang's planner.  it was really precious.

last night was equally joyful.  leadership with some of our favorite people and great teaching from a local pastor about the harmful effects of technology on our lives and in the world.  it was scary and real.  ironic as i type {on the internet} but i mean it, it was great.  i'm going to listen to the rest of the series online and when i do i'll be sure to link up for you.  then to cheddars for a team dinner {sans ang} with great conversations and laughter.  twenty-some of our other friends were also there but we were hoping for a more intimate din din.  be basically got both the big group and the little, so really fun.  then since ben was having a slumber party me and kaitlin got to play at the 312, hangout with her roomies and have soooooo much fun.  they are hilarious.  i have really fun friends.

now i'm about to snuggle on the couch with my love and watch sherlock homes.  i love it, the one with r.d.jr.  its a comical, mystery, suspense thriller.  i really enjoy it.  i'm also going to craft while watching and cuddling.  that's what i call multi-tasking at its finest.

hope your weekend is just as blessed!


  1. silas loves his auntie jen jen! seriously, he pouted when you left :)

  2. I LOVE the picture of the two Jennas. That's presh.
    Also, talking about other kids not being as cool as Silas. You better NOT be talking about James. You better not. Just sayin.
    I also feel like you do more in a day than I do all week. How is that possible?

  3. I wish I wouldn't have had to work, I want to hear those talks! I like you & that we're friends. I want to hang out with you & Ben soon! Bye!

  4. These pictures are beautiful! I love them! Great shoot!

  5. the H&M dress looks precious on you! I'm glad you got it. :)

  6. We used to live in Lexington. I miss it! Especially my best friend! Are these pics at Keeneland?

  7. They ARE from Keeneland! Good eye Angie! I can't wait to go back once there are leaves on the trees but for winter...jenna & I really did have the perfect day and the perfect sun for our adventure. i really will figure out my memory/space dilemma with blogger soon & update with lots of fun news!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Love your outfit!


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