Friday, April 22, 2011

i enjoy long walks on the beach... { & more }

i really have trouble following through when i want to do something. i think that pretty much encompasses all areas of my life and the blog is no exception. so as i *always* say...better late than never.

on our spring break beach adventure we did get to have a sweet evening on the beach together. it was the only time i was adamant about my camera. i kept saying "i'd really like to go on a photo adventure" but ben didn't understand that i really meant "i want to take a crapton of pictures on an adventure". on the beach with my handsome hubs, sunsetting...i need to practice taking pictures duh! well and uh, & relax & cuddle & things. here are some of my favorites to remember.

ben carrying all our flippie floppies and a blanket to sit on
i think that it is one of benny's life goals to not really smile at me in pictures.  i don't know if we can live this way forever.  he loves to close his eyes too.  well, i guess i like to do that in other people's pictures too so maybe i get it.  two picture-ruining peas in a pod.  <3
me saying "c'mon...just one smile?"  i got a little smirk.  i like that face.
ben wanted to play with the camera too.  i want to know how to take pictures way more than ben, and he always does better than me. 
{are you done yet?}
nope :)

on a cold, rainy day here in kentucky, i'd really love to be back on the warm, sunny beach.

and today is good friday.  i hope that you'll take some time and reflect on what Jesus was going through today {for you & me & for the glory of the King}.  i don't want you to miss out on the glorious news that this weekend brings. 

{& watch this}
sunday's comin'!


  1. These are great pics Jen! Good job! That 1st one of you & ben looks just like that engagement picture of you & him on the beach!

    LOVE that video!

  2. Your pictures do look great! Also, please take me to the beach with you!


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