Thursday, April 14, 2011

the life & times of jen jen

last weekend...

its more than half-way through this week and i'm desperately trying to recap before i get to friday all over again.  i feel like life is actually flying right past me.  my days and nights are filled, filled, filled.  and my mind is worse than that. God is teaching me so much & i am amazed by Him and his grace everyday.  diving into jesus' life, death & resurrection grips me everyday.  i wish i reflected on easter like this all year.  ministry is exciting & challening all in one.  i've been listening to {THIS SERIES} and the last of the seven talks especially rocked my world.  it's found {HERE}.  those coupled with {THIS SERIES} from our own church, the gospel of luke & challenges with girls have created such a neat season for me & the Lord.

so that's now...back to last weekend.

friday after a long day of work, all i wanted to do was go for a long walk {it was gorgeous all day long}, go grocery shopping and then celebrate my dear friend kaitlin's birthday.

as i drove home around 6p a giant black cloud followed me around new circle road.  it was just like a cartoon.  and the rain began as i pulled onto my street.  no walk for me.  instead, benny & i took a friday night nap.  who are we?  who does this?  after 2 hours {oh my gosh} we got up and went to the grocery.  friday night grocery shopping.  again, who are we?  ben bought about 100 kroger cookies.

then it was party time!  ben and i are now considered "old" compared to this group of friends but we couldn't stay away and not celebrate our sweet kaitlin who was turning 20!  yay. 

and we got to be with our team {minus ang}
yes, em is dressed really nice.  yes, dylan is in a tank top.  yes, ben is being awkward on purpose. yes, i am in a giant raglan tee at a party.  and yes, that is the birthday girl!  i love my team!

one of my favorite things from the night.  ben {not mine} just wanted to fit in.
saturday, i got to do all kinds of things i wanted.  i actually can't remember exactly what happened but i think i liked it.  i know i slept in a little, hung out with the hubs, my friend carly visited, i ran errands & crafted.  i also went to a three-way family birthday party to celebrate my nana, grandma & my little brother nick.  my mom made the yummy-est food and visiting was so nice.  there were little kids everywhere.  i really like that.  then ben & i went to see hanna.  it's a movie, it was strange but entertaining.  source code is next on our list and i've heard good things.

in my spare time i've been crafting and preparing for this upcoming weekend.  we're having a shower for my little rachel who is expecting their very first little man, parker.  i can't wait to celebrate with her & friends. yay! yay! yay! 
i'll be sure to share details with you post shower.  i don't want to spoil all the fun now....duh!

hope your week is good, so good.

and to make your week this:


  1. I love that first picture of you! HYSTERICAL!!!!

  2. You're so fun! Can't wait to party with you this weekend!


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