Tuesday, April 26, 2011

this woman is the anti-me

earlier this week jenny from little green notebook featured this room / closet because she loved the details of the chair. i couldn't even notice the chair because this room / closet is the exact opposite of me.  the colors - it is beautiful & vibrant & looks like spring.  it's so bright & girly & fun.

i don't mean to say that i'm not bright or girly or fun...i hope i'm those things {yikes} but as far as wardrobe is concerned i basically wear nothing but neutrals. and so does my house.  my house = j.crew shorts.  when i think of ben & i, i literally think of khaki & gray.  if you know us you're thinking - me too! and i love neutrals, don't get me wrong, or why would i gravitate toward those colors always?  but i see something like this and think hmm...what if i just had a pinch of that in me?  am i just intimidated by it?  for such a loud person, i have awfully quiet taste.


what about you? 
are you a neutral girl like me, plain jane to the core?  
are you this spunky closet? 
or fall somewhere in between the two {if this is you, i have to say...i'm a little envious}?


  1. I use to be. I would buy lots of browns, white and black. But now I have colored it up a bit. :)

  2. I have to admit I used to be plain jane to the core..with a little bit of color thrown in every now and then...but NEVER ever any print clothes! Then my sister in law came along and showed me how color and print can change my life! :) and now I like to say I am a good mix of the two!

  3. I am wearing khakis today with a brown shirt and brown cardigan - fail!

  4. i am lame too. i am looking at my color coordinated closet and its full of grey, cream, black, brown, white and more grey. i do have some stripes. that's fun right?!?


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